VFF launches farm safety survey

Victorian Farmers Federation launches online safety survey

CALLOUT: The VFF says hearing directly from farmers is critical. Photo: Shutterstock

CALLOUT: The VFF says hearing directly from farmers is critical. Photo: Shutterstock


The organisation says hearing directly from farmers is critical.


The Victorian Farmers Federation has launched an online survey which covers attitudes and behaviours towards safety.

Safety communications aimed at farmers often use jargonistic, legal language, but the VFF plans to change this and create easy to understand resources to help farmers create smarter, safer farms.

Chief executive Jane Lovell said hearing directly from farmers was a critical step.

"As part of our Smarter, Safer Farms strategy we are really excited to take on board the views of the people who are directly impacted by accidents and injury and stand to benefit the most from improved access to resources and tools," she said.

Part of the survey focuses on understanding the challenges that limit the uptake of the safety message among farmers, including:

  1. Comprehending the environment in which farmers operate and that they are busy, jack-of-all trades and operate in changing conditions.
  2. That resources need to be easily understood, created in relatable language and use voices that farmers respect and identify with.
  3. Lack of consequence doesn't mean that behaviours are always 'safe'.
  4. That accidents can happen to all farmers not just 'other' farmers.
  5. Understanding the importance of a safe farm and how investing in safety can deliver a better return on investment for farmers.

The results will be used to develop a website and resources that address these issues in a relatable and behaviour-changing way.

The confidential survey can be accessed at www.vff.org.au/farmsafetysurvey.


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