Drop in prices and overall quality at Leongatha

Leongatha store cattle prices drop at fortnightly sale


Agents yarded 2400 head.


Prices and overall quality dropped at the Leongatha store sale today, although steers still reached 627 cents a kilogram.

Agents offered about 2400 head of cattle.

SEJ auctioneer James Kyle said the sale was dramatically different to a fortnight ago, where about 5000 head were yarded, with a lot of crossbred cattle offered this time around.

"It was obviously cheaper in places but that was to be expected," he said.

"The little cattle might have been up to $50 to $100 cheaper than a fortnight ago.

"I think even the pace of the feedlot operators came back a little today but the numbers of them weren't here."

G Kuch, Airly, sold the first pen of 17 steers, 603kg, for $2300 a head or 381 cents a kilogram.

S Reichbauer, Devon North, sold sold six weighing 525kg for $2330 or 443c/kg, and a pen of eight, 333kg, for $1700 or 510c/kg.

Gibson Farm, Hallston, sold 20, 441kg, for $2140 or 485c/kg.

Von Pace Pastoral Pty Ltd, Giffard, sold a pen of 11, 458kg, for $2040 or 445c/kg and 16, 444kg, for $2000 or 450c/kg.

A & I Dunkley, Yarram, sold a pen of 24, 460kg, for $2210 or 480c/kg, a pen of 23 weighing 426kg for $2130 or 426c/kg, and a pen of 19, 389kg, for $1970 or 506c/kg.

Netherwood Pastoral Company, Bass, sold seven, 494kg, for $2290 or 463c/kg, while Chester Shorthorns, Krowera, sold seven, 450kg, for $1980 or 440c/kg.

Sid and Cheryl Jones, Woorarra East, sold five, 364kg, for $1670 or 458c/kg and a pen of 14, 459kg, for $2070 or 450c/kg.

Kevinlea Pastoral, Kongwak, sold 12, 665kg, for $2430 or 365c/kg and a pen of 10, 561kg, for $2310 or 561c/kg.

The same vendor also sold 11, 542kg, for $2350 or 433c/kg and a pen of 10, 551kg, for $2370 or 430c/kg.

Moriarty Transport, Strezelecki, sold 12, 565kg, for $2300 or 407c/kg.

Katie Calder, Wild Dog Valley, sold a pen of 11, 532kg, for $2010 or 377c/kg, and nine, 548kg, for $2140 or 390c/kg and 10, 553kg, for 399c/kg.

Nutrien Leongatha auctioneer Brian McCormack described it as a mixed bag.

"A few good lines of good cattle but then they tapered away pretty quickly and back into the dairy and dairy cross type cattle which is bits and pieces right throughout steers and heifers," he said.

He said the prices still held, with better runs of cattle bringing competition from feedlotters and mid runs of calves bought by local grass fatteners.

T Warren, Poowong East, sold 10, 333kg, for $1690 or 507c/kg, while L Murfett, Wilung South, sold 11, 305kg, for $1510 or 495c/kg.

Franklin Pastoral, Mt Best, sold 10, 340kg, for $1710 or 503c/kg, while Fleming & Hutchinson, Willung, sold 19, 337kg, for $1700 or 504c/kg.

W Caldwell, Yinnar, sold 14, 284kg, for $1560 or 549c/kg.

G Rose, Sale, sold 10 weighing 333kg for $1590 or 477c/kg and a pen of nine, 294kg, for $1400 or 476c/kg.

Sandy Hills Pastoral sold seven, 269kg, for $1500 or 557c/kg, while Bawden Hills Farm sold 15, 265kg, for $1480 or 558c/kg.

Groves Estate, Lang Lang, sold 17, 265kg, for $1530 or 577c/kg.

Rodney and Coral Donat, Wonthaggi, sold 22 weighing 280kg for $1680 or 600c/kg and a pen of 22, 255kg, for $1600 or 627c/kg.

Alex Scott and Staff auctioneer Dane Perczyk said prices reflected the quality of the cattle.

"A few clients now are starting to shut the doors now for work coming into winter," he said.

"The season's still going alright but because we're on the doorstep of winter now they're just starting to get a little bit cautious."

Agents agreed the heifers dropped a little in price overall compared to the steers.

K Irvin sold a pen of nine heifers, 327kg, for $1550 or 474c/kg, while K Rhind sold nine, 317kg, for $1450 or 457c/kg.

B & N Nash, Jindivick, sold eight, 284kg, for $1430 or 503c/kg.

G & M Stoll, Toora, sold five, 270kg, for $1390 or 514c/kg, while D & J Holt, Boolarra, sold 16, 267kg, for $1450 or 543c/kg.

R & M Vernon, Mirboo North, sold 17, 258kg, for $1430 or 554c/kg., while Prospect Farms sold 11, 267kg, for $1410 or 528c/kg.

Groves Estate, Lang Lang, sold 20, 262kg, for $1420 or 541c/kg.

N Henderson, Alberton West, sold five, 235kg, for $1480 or 629c/kg.


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