Strong results at Euroa despite ongoing dry conditions

Euroa cattle prices maintained despite dry season

BUSY: The monthly store sale at Euroa remained strong, with commission buyers taking the bulk of the cattle. (File photo)

BUSY: The monthly store sale at Euroa remained strong, with commission buyers taking the bulk of the cattle. (File photo)


Light steers sold above 650c/kg.


Commission buyers were very active at the Euroa store sale on Wednesday, with agents reporting the sale exceeded expectations.

About 1800 head were yarded, with Nutrien Euroa selling around 1100 head.

Nutrien Euroa livestock agent Brad Gleeson said it was an outstanding yarding with a lot of breeders' calves.

"We had a lot of spring drop calves there that normally are held on until our June sale, end of financial year sale," he said.

"It's a little bit dry in our area and obviously prices are holding on and so a lot of those cattle come forward."

Locals attended the sale but a large portion of the cattle went to northern commission buyers, including Duncan Brown, Andrew Lowe and Graeme Ward.

"Those three probably bought 75 per cent of the yarding between them," he said.

"Compared to our sale a month ago it might have been just a fraction cheaper but the calves had a lot more weight than they did a month ago.

"They were still making good money."

Feature lines included Moran Property Investments Group, which offered 106 head, including a pen of 21 steers, 331kg, which made $1795 a head or 542 cents a kilogram.

The same vendor also sold a pen of 22 steers, 309kg, for $1730 or 560c/kg, and a pen of 11 steers, 268kg, for $1600 or 597c/kg.

The vendor's heifers also sold well, with a pen of 28 weighing 320kg making $1680 or 525c/kg and a pen 12, 260kg, selling for $1420 or 546c/kg.

Adam Thomson offered 135 head of Charolais, with a pen of 21 steers, 377kg, selling for $1820 or 482c/kg and another pen of 21, 365kg, made $1790 or 490c/kg.

A pen of 16, 322kg, sold for $1670 or 518c/kg and a pen of 16 weighing 319kg made $1670 or 523c/kg.

The same vendor also sold 40 heifers, 336kg, for $1660 or 494c/kg and a pen of 21 heifers, 300kg, for $1550 or 516c/kg.

D Pyke, Watson Park, sold 78 head of Angus, including 18 steers weighing 310kg for $1725 or 556c/kg, and a pen of 19 steers, 267kg, made $1630 or 610c/kg.

J & H Perry sold 23 steers, 299kg, for $1680 or 561c/kg and a pen of 15 steers, 238kg, for $1570 or 659c/kg.

The same vendor sold nine heifers, 312kg, for $1410 or 451c/kg and a pen of 18 heifers, 237kg, for $1250 or 527c/kg.

A Bayles sold 20 steers, 320kg, for $1700 or 531c/kg, while Springbank Herefords sold a pen of 15 Black Baldies, 254kg, for $1535 or 604c/kg.

K & B Hobbs sold steers 10, 318kg, for $1740 or547c/kg, while The Munro sol;d 13 steers, 300kg, for $1690 or 563c/kg.

Joe Allen, Elders Euroa, said prices were expected to be lower than last month due to the dry conditions.

"Everyone's expectations were met and everyone was pretty happy," he said.

"I think it was a little bit cheaper and probably a better yarding than last month."

He expected a similar number of cattle to be offered at the feature sale at the beginning of June.

Joshma Park sold a pen of seven Charolais steers, 220kg, for $1460 or 663c/kg, and a pen of nine Charolais heifers weighing 266kg for $1330 or 500c/kg.

J Day, Glendoxey, sold 17 Devon steers, 285kg, for $1510 or 530c/kg.

Account Grajoa sold 15 steers, 359kg, for $1870 or 520c/kg, and a pen of nine steers, 310kg, for $1700 or 548c/kg.

KM Griggs, Tarawen, sold 20 steers, 316kg, for $1750 or 553c/kg and a pen of 16 heifers, 306kg, for $1530 or 500c/kg.

Mr Gleeson said heifer prices were stronger than a month ago, with hardly any selling below $1250 a head.

Most were bought to be fattened, he said.

"A lot of breeders have kept any heifers they were going to join so there was a lot of secondary runs of heifers, but still good quality," he said.

Baxa Pastoral sold a pen of heifers, 485kg, for $1920 or 485c/kg.

L Apted & Sons Pty Ltd sold 29 Angus heifers, 205kg, for $1300 a head or 634 cents a kilogram.

Carrungi Pastoral's pen of 10 Limousin heifers weighing 292kg made $1580 or 541c/kg.

The same vendor sold another pen of five Limousin heifers, 234kg, sold for $1380 or 590c/kg.

Mr Gleeson said it was a great result.

"Everyone was a little bit nervous, we had our numbers jump from 1200 to 1500 to 1800 and so everyone was a little bit nervous but it met our expectation and probably better," he said.

"Locals were there trying to buy but they were a bit cautious with winter just around the corner and it is dry in our area.

"The cattle, considering how dry it is, presented fantastic."


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