Euroa again tops 700 cents a kilogram for light steers

Euroa area beef producers to the fore at the April store sale

Stock and Land Beef

Euroa store market prices continue to hold, on lighter steers.


Prices for light steers again topped 700 cents a kilogram, on a slightly larger yarding at Euroa.

Agents yarded 844 head of steers, heifers cows and calves.

There were very few pens of heavy steers, with most of the yarding ranging between 200-350 kgs.

Steers weighing in that range sold from 500-600c/kg, while anything lighter than 200kg went for more than 700c/kg.

Nutrien Delaney Livestock and Property auctioneer Anthony Delaney said it appeared local breeders were starting to get through their spring calves.

"I am not saying quality is dropping off - we are not at the tops of everyone's spring calves - but the prices are staying up there," Mr Delaney said.

"It was every bit as strong - if not a bit dearer - than other sales I've seen in this area."

Weights went from a first pen of 421kg, down to 320kg "pretty quickly."

Mr Delaney said Northern buyers had a set price for the lighter calves.

"Once you get to $1500, they reach the ceiling on them," he said.

Nutrien Ag Euroa branch manager Russell Mawson said about 75-80 per cent of stock again stayed local.

"What appears to be an early break in the season means people have feed and want to put some cattle on it," Mr Mawson said.

But he said cattle supplies were starting to dry up.

"You could see plenty of steers making more than $5/kg, which equates to $1600-$1800," he said.

"People are taking the money, rather than feeding on.

"This sale was similar to the last one, in terms of quality, but there are not a lot of cattle about.

"As quick as they get to 250-280kg, people are getting rid of them."

Mr Mawson said he still expected a big yarding of spring-drop calves, in June.

Commission buyer Duncan Brown was again active, along with the Conroy Brothers, Corcoran Parker Wangaratta's Henry Dundas and RC Livestock.

Shepparton and Benalla agents also bought, on behalf of clients.

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Casey Farms sold 20 Margni Park-blood steers, 431kg, for $2040, or 473c/kg.

Cloverly sold seven Table Top-blood steers, 347kg, for $1860 or 536c/kg.

A second pen of 18, 292kg, sold for $1740 or 595c/kg.

Their pen of 20 steers, 221kg, sold for $1580 or 714c/kg.

G&H Newton sold 11 steers, 336kg, for $1760 or 523c/kg.

Carrungi Pastoral sold 14 Angus/Angus Limousin-cross steers, eight-10 months, 297kg, for $1750 or 589c/kg.

Watson Park, Trentham, sold 16 Newblax-blood steers, eight-nine months, 289kg, for $1430 or 494c/kg.

Moranding Park, Kilmore, sold a pen of 25 Te Mania-blood steers, 316kg, for $1780 or 563c/kg.

Moranding also sold a pen of 22 steers, 292kg, for $1720 or 589c/kg and a third pen of 22, 259kg, for $1730 or 667c/kg.

Monea Park, Locksley, sold five Glen Modest and Spry-blood steers, six-seven months, 338kg, for $1630 or 482c/kg.

GN Gardiner, Girgarre, sold 16 Angus steers, six-eight months, 274kg, for $1660 or 605c/kg.

Gardiner's pen of 11 steers, 202kg, sold for $1480 or 732c/kg.

NW and FL Mahnacke sold 11 Charolais/Angus-cross steers, 281kg, for $1570 or 558c/kg.

Woodland sold 25 Lawsons-blood steers, 236kg, for $1640 or 694c/kg.

Gooram Springs sold nine steers, 198kg, for $1300 or 656c/kg.

Gooram's eight steers, 179kg, sold for $1325 or 740c/kg.

J & P Dunn, Creightons Creek, sold eight Wirruna and Tarcombe-blood steers, seven-eight months, 268kg, for $1520 or 567c/kg.

NS & SE Brown sold nine Welcome Swallow and Riga-blood steers, 382kg, for $1940 or 507c/kg.

LR & MA Davidson, Euroa, sold 11 Tennysonvale-blood Simmental steers, 327kg, for $1760 or 538c/kg.

Brydon & Auty, Gooram, sold six Angus Droughtmaster steers, 249kg, for $1400 or 562c/kg.

Glenmaye, Balmattum, sold 11 Rennylea-blood steers, 295kg, for $1740 or 589c/kg.

S Botterill sold 10 Angus steers, 223kg, for $1400 or 627c/kg.

James Burgun sold nine heifers, 350kg, for $1670 or 477c/kg.

A & S Qose Farming, Shepparton, sold 12 Charolais heifers, 309kg, for $1450 or 469c/kg.

L & M Davidson, Euroa, sold five Poll Simmental heifers, 320kg, for $1590 or 496c/kg.

Longwood Thoroughbreds sold six Connamara-blood heifers, 312kg, for $1460 or 467c/kg.

Watson Park sold 16 heifers, 289kg, for $1430 or 493c/kg.

Beavis Farming sold six heifers, 335kg, for $1520 or 453c/kg.

Monea Park sold 12 heifers, 317kg, for $1500 or 473c/kg.

Cairnhill Beef sold a line of pregnancy tested third-calving Angus, Hereford and Murray Grey cows from $1800 to $2075.

Longwood Thoroughbreds sold 10 Angus cows, depastured to a Connamara Angus bull, for $$1925.

Kilburnie, Terip Terip sold 12 Angus cows, five-and-a-half years, Connamara-blood, depastured to Connamara M167, pregnancy-tested-in-calf for $2550.

M King, Hilldene, sold six by six heifers with calves at foot, not redepastured, for $3200.

D & V Iulianella sold one by one Angus cow, five-years, with Angus CAF for $2550.


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