Feedlots prove a saviour at Pakenham

It was a "feedlotter's delight" at Pakenham | VIDEO

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Feedlotters bid up on better lines of cattle at Pakenham.


Feedlots underpinned continuing strong prices at the fortnightly Pakenham store cattle sale.

Agents offered a mixed yarding of 2116 head of steers and heifers, with 67 x 65 cows and calves.

Michael Robinson, Elders Pakenham, said while there were quite a few cross-bred cattle, there was also a good run of Angus and feeder steers.

"If we didn't have the likes of the feedlots and commission buyers here, it would have been very tough," Mr Robinson said.

"The cattle are quite heavy.

"We didn't have any cattle under 400kg, until the last pen, so that cancels out a lot of your graziers - it was a feedlotters delight.

"People follow the trend after the Mountain Calf sales, it's not quite that, but still very strong.

"You are looking north of 400 cents a kilogram to 420c/kg, for the heavier end of steers."

"We had some 320kg Angus heifers come back at $1580 and that's a little bit stronger than last sale - I think it had a little bit more kick in it, than last sale."

David Setches, Alex Scott and Staff, said 500-600kg steers made from 400 to 417c/kg.

"The feedlots underpinned the whole sale, for the better end of cattle," Mr Setches said.

Lighter cattle were making 520c/kg to 540c/kg.

"Once again a very strong sale, especially for the better lines of cattle, although we are getting to the bottom of them now," he said.

"This market, which is always on the back of the Mountain sales, is generally a bit of a higgledy-piggeldy one, but in a fortnight's time we will see better drafts come back."

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Jason McInnes, Everitt, Seeley and Bennets said he thought it was slightly dearer on the heavier cattle and the lines of good breeders cattle.

"It was a little bit softer, but not much, on any of the odd pens of off-bred cattle," Mr McInnes said.

"It wasn't a disaster, by any means, but a bit easier."

M Deacon, Waaia, sold 10 Angus steers, 407kg, for $1700, or 417c/kg.

Ankaa, Drouin West, sold 14 Angus steers, 440kg, for $1990, or 452c/kg.

FA & FD Fernadi sold 12 Angus steers, 525kg, for $2190, or 417c/kg.

They also sold a pen of 12, av 572kg, sold for $2170, or 379c/kg.

M Romano, Hoddles Creek, sold five steers, 557kg, for $2260, or 405c/kg.

Northern Lodge sold seven steers, 504kg, for $2260, or 448c/kg.

M Ashton, Flinders, sold 20 steers, 508kg, for $2260, or 444c/kg.

J Buchanan, Tanjil South, sold 25 steers, 475kg, for $2200, or 463c/kg.

Their seconds, 17 steers, 416kg, sold for $1930, or 463c/kg.

Oamaru, Red Hill South, sold 24 steers, 385kg, for $1880, or 488c/kg.

N Beninati, Pakenham South, sold 22 steers, 370kg, for $1650, or 445c/kg.

M Lovitt, Trafalgar, sold 10 steers, 356kg, for $1670, or 469c/kg.

K&B Alford sold 12 steers, 322kg, for $1650, or 512c/kg.

Spasm Investments sold 15 steers, 477kg, for $1990, or 417c/kg.

Their seconds, a pen of 11, av 451kg, for $1830, or 405c/kg.

Roger Bailey and Associates, Glen Forbes, sold a line of 51 steers.

The first pen of 20, 558kg, sold for $2360, or 422c/kg, the seconds, 16, av 521kg, sold for $2300, or 441c/kg and a third pen of 15, av 480kg, for $2420, or 504c/kg.

D&T Jeffery sold 20 Angus steers, 368kg, for $1830, or 497c/kg.

T&W Stammers sold 18 steers, 347kg, for $1700, or 489c/kg.

J&L O'Farrell sold four Angus steers, 683kg, for $2600, or 380c/kg.

A Jones sold seven steers, 630kg, for $2510, or 398c/kg.

Westbury Downs sold 25 heifers, 453kg, for $1970, or 435c/kg.

A second pen of 21, av 444kg, sold for $1970, or 443c/kg.

Oamaru sold 12 heifers, 342kg, for $1590, or 464c/kg.

Barrabool Park, Sunbury, sold 12 heifers, 338kg, for $1580, or 467c/kg.

K Nickelen sold 15 heifers, 329kg, for $1550, or 471c/kg.

Falscott Farm sold 12 heifers, 460kg, for $1750, or 380c/kg.

F&C Dortmans sold 18 Angus steers, 358kg, for $1640, or 458c/kg.

N&P Rienzo, Clyde, sold six by six heifers and calves for $2600.

C Vine, Nar Nar Goon, sold three by three cows and calves for $2950.

D&C Pastoral, Modella, sold nine by nine third calvers for $3050.

Grove Estate, Jam Jerup, sold eight by eight cows and calves for $3450.

P Melville, Lang Lang East, sold two by two cows and calves for $2900, seven by seven for $2500 and one by one for $2800.


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