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Steers go back into the Euroa area, with prices remaining high on quality cattle.


Locals were able to find some quality steers at the March Euroa store sale, although the buying gallery was smaller than usual.

A small penning included a herd dispersal of cows and calves, which made up to $3360. Agents yarded around 800 head of cattle.

Russell Mawson, Nutrien, said the yarding was a reflection of availability of livestock.

"It was the greatest mix of cattle you have ever seen at Euroa," Mr Mawson said.

"That says to me everybody is cleaning out, because stock is worth so much money."

He said commission buyer Duncan Brown paid $1200 for heifers, which would have weighted 200 kilograms.

"The volume of livestock is disappearing fast," he said.

Nutrien hoped to sell 3000 head in the June sale - "but between now and then they are going to be very, very scarce."

He said smaller, unweighed cattle, equated to 800c/kg.

"If people knew they were paying eight dollars, they would be horrified."

East Union, Gooram Springs, sold a pen of sold 20 steers, 221kg, for $1630, or 737c/kg and another 18, 213kg, for $1480, or 694c/kg.

Provincial Valley sold 10 steers, 235kg, for $1400, or 595c/kg.

Among the unweighed lines were 20 steers, Cairnhill Beef, for $1260, E&H Dimech, 11 steers, at $1300 and East Union's pen of 25 heifers for $1260.

Brad Gleeson, Nutrien Ag Solutions, said quality cattle were slightly dearer than previous months, with the secondary cattle slightly cheaper.

Nutrien Euroa bought many of the first pens of cattle.

"We had one of our clients operating there, who wanted a few cattle," Mr Gleeson said.

"Most of the steers stayed locally; Duncan Brown was very strong on the heifer order - he bought 98 heifers there, going to NSW.

"There was an opportunity for the people to buy cattle, although we are going to see bits and pieces, going forward.

"That's just a sign of the times."

There were few heavier cattle on offer, although Conroy Brothers feedlot did bid on some of the earlier lines.

Mr Gleeson said the heifers were "buyable.

"I thought they were a fraction cheaper, than they had been in the past - but it's the same story, it's quality driven."

Steers trended between 440cents-500cents a kilogram.

"If they were a neat and tidy pen, they were 500c and a bit better," he said.

Heifers made between 430-460c/kg.

Cattle also went to restockers in the Benalla, Kilmore, Albury and Shepparton districts.

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Wybeeworried, Ruffy, sold five steers, 470kg, for $1810, or 385c/kg.

Sugarloaf View, Broadford, sold nine steers, 387kg, for $1700, or 439c/kg.

Tarcombe Lodge sold eight Alpine-blood steers, 408kg, for $1880, or 406c/kg.

W Armstrong sold three Newblax-blood steers, 466kg, for $2080, or 446c/kg.

R&B Parsons, Kyabram, sold seven Welcome Swallow-blood steers, 430kg, for $1920, or 465c/kg.

R&S Hedwards, Locksley, sold six steers, 395kg, for $1810, or 458c/kg.

Burls Brothers sold five Newblax-blood steers, 391kg, for $1810, or 462c/kg.

Glenard sold four steers, 375kg, for $1800, or 480c/kg.

GW and KL Tonkin sold 13 steers, 366kg, for $1880, or 513c/kg.

Lynbrook, Balmattum, sold 14 Kilcoolin-blood steers, 319kg, for $1710, or 536c/kg.

G&V Pappa sold four steers, 326kg, for $1650, or 506c/kg.

P Matters sold nine Pathfinder-blood steers, 326kg, for $1560, or 478c/kg.

Matters sold a second pen of 18, 326kg, for $1470, or 450c/kg.

B&J Mahon sold seven Red Hill-blood steers, 375kg, for $1710, or 456c/kg.

Ian Chittick sold five steers, 354kg, for $1650, or 466c/kg.

Strathbrook View sold five steers, 386kg, for $1640, or 424c/kg.

Fredlin sold eight Witherswood-blood steers, 327kg, for $1690, or 516c/kg.

Joshma Park, Euroa, sold 12 steers, 290kg, for $1570, or 541c/kg.

Goulburn Park, Nagambie, sold 12 Speckle-cross steers, 282kg, for $1570, or 556c/kg. Their seconds, a pen of 13, av 234kg, sold for 645c/kg.

Merrijig sold 14 Hazeldean and Kelly Angus-blood steers, five to six months old and unweighed, for $1480.

R & S Cavill, Swanpool, sold 24 Alpine Angus-blood steers, estimated to weigh 190kg, for $1430.

The herd dispersal by Tennent Holdings saw prices reach $3360 for 33 PTIC third and fourth calving Angus cows with CAF, redepastured to an Alpine Angus bull.

Tennent's 18 second calvers made $3220.

They also sold 23 cows and calves for 2,820.00.

Sugarloaf View sold 13 heifers, 285kg, for $1300, or 456c/kg.

P Matters sold 15 Pathfinder-blood heifers, 309kg, for $1400, or 453c/kg.

A second pen of 16, ave 316kg, sold for $1420, or 449c/kg.

Joshma Park sold eight heifers, 243kg, for $1240, or 510c/kg.

Burrandool Pastoral sold nine heifers, 343kg, 10 months old, for $1560, or 454c/kg.

Saltire Properties sold seven heifers, 309kg, for $1400, or 453c/kg.


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