Omeo steers to $2050, heifers reach $2180

Omeo Herefords in demand as prices remain high

Mountain Calf Sales News

Heifers and steers in demand at the final sale.


Bidding was fierce at the final sale at Omeo today, with Hereford and Hereford/Shorthorn-cross steers reaching $2050 and heifers to $2180.

McCoy Farms had the first pen of 25 steers, which sold for $2050 a head.

The same vendor also sold 48 for $1900 and 13 for $1540.

PC & CG Faithfull sold 35 for $2000, 40 for $1970 and 17 for $1670.

S & SN Lawlor sold 32 for $1950, 25 for $1860 and 20 for $1780, while RE & CL Foster sold 18 for $2000 and a pen of 35 for $1860.

AJ & BJ Ah Sam sold a pen of 29 for $2010, 25 for $1970, 22 for $1960 and 25 for $1840.

Elders Omeo livestock manager David Hill said although it was a smaller yarding, it was a terrific result.

"The quality of the cattle was magnificent," he said.

"The season in the mountains here has been one of the best autumns we've probably seen in recent history.

"Going through the four years of severe drought and going through the fires going through the country last year, hence the reduced numbers and certainly in the heifers.

"The guys that have been able to get those cattle through those tough times have certainly been rewarded with how the beef industry is today."

Very few European Union accredited cattle remained in the system.

The sale exceeded expectations and demand was very strong, he said.

"The number of heifers that have been retained in this district is pretty substantial due to the herd numbers that have been reduced," he said.

"We're in a herd rebuilding phase."

The heifers were also in demand, with PC & CG Faithfull selling the first pen of 22 for $2030.

The same vendor also sold 18 for $1820.

AJ & BJ Ah Sam sold 20 for $2180, 16 for $1910, 12 for $1900, 16 for $1770 and 10 for $1660.

S & SN Lawlor sold a pen of 18 for $1960 and another 18 for $1820.

McCoy Farms sold 12 for $1800 and 17 for $1600.

B & F Pastoral sold 14 for $1800 and 10 for $1580.

Elders Bairnsdale livestock manager Morgan Davies said agents were "tickled pink" with the results.

He said buyers continued to support the sale because of the quality cattle.

"Your Hereford cattle, go and find some better ones - I dare you."


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