Wycheproof special sheep sale to $390 a head

All-time record for Border Leicester-Merino ewe lambs at Wycheproof

RECORD PEN: These ewes were sold for a record price at the Wycheproof Special Store sale.

RECORD PEN: These ewes were sold for a record price at the Wycheproof Special Store sale.


Limited penning at Wycheproof reflective of low sheep numbers in the Mallee and Wimmera.


A Cope Cope sheep producer hit a new high with a pen of May 2020-drop ewe lambs at Friday's Wycheproof Special Store sale.

The O'Shannesy Brothers, Swanwater, recieved $390 a head for the November shorn NSM ewes.

"This is an all-time record for first cross Border Leicester/Merino ewe lambs at the Wycheproof selling centre," Elders branch manager Kevin Thompson said.

They were bought by TB White and Sons, Ballarat.

"There are not the numbers of store stock around these parts, it's the lowest its been for some time," Mr Thompson said.

AuctionsPlus recorded a yarding of 6001 head for the sale.

"The limited number of sheep penned is an indication of the reduced amount of store sheep in the southern Mallee and northern Wimmera," Mr Thompson said.

Elders had not yet fixed a date for its autumn sale, due to the low numbers in the area.

"The sheep were in very good condition, most of them have come off stubbles and were in a very forward store, to prime, condition," he said.

"We were pretty happy with the cross-breds, but having said that there were SIL Merino ewes, which were very buyable."

There was now no excess feed, so croppers were keen to see sheep gone.

Wellington and Hay, NSW, bidders joined buyers from all over Victoria.

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Wycheproof values "pretty good" despite a smaller crowd

O'Shannessy Brothers sold 259 Border Leicester/Merino-cross Charinga-blood, by Blackgate rams, eight-nine months old and 55.8kg, for $390 a head. They also sold a pen of 107 NSM ewes, 51.5kg, for $300/head.

Harris Farms, Burkes Flat, sold 336 NSM May/June 2020-drop Strath Haddon-blood ewes, by Blackgate rams, December-shorn, 43.6kg, for $258/hd.

Harris also sold 170 NSM ewes, 36.9kg, for $222/hd.

Feeny Brothers, Gooroe, sold 17 NSM June/July 2020-drop ewes, 43kgs, November shorn, Lewisdale-blood ewes, by Blackgate rams for $232/hd.

Garvan Park sold 109 station mated two-four year-old, October-shorn Oakbank-blood ewes, 87.1kg, for $280/hd.

GT Allan, Narraport, sold 72 Border Leicester/Merino-cross ewes, 5-1/2 years, September shorn and SIL to Poll Dorset rams for $272.

J.P. and E.M. Casey, Tara Downs, Birchip sold 299 station-mated ewes, 70.6kg, June/July 2019-drop, November-shorn, Manunda-blood and purchased from the WA wheat-belt in 2020, for $286/hd.

GJ & LJ McGurk, Yeungroon, sold 440 SIL ewes, 21-22 months old, ex-WA Nepowie-blood, February-shorn, 67.4kg, for $315.

Kaneira Holdings, Culgoa, sold 295 SIL ewes, June-July 2019-drop, December-shorn for $280/head.

Eversley Farms sold 367 Manunda-blood SIL ewes, g November-shorn, April/May 2019-drop 61.1kg, for $274/hd.

Turnbull and Taylor sold 226 Kolindale-blood SIL ewes, 91/2kg, September-shorn, 4-1/2 years for $266/hd.

P T Stewart, Tyrrell View, sold 280 Keri Keri-blood wether lambs, 57kg, June / July 2020-drop, for $205/hd.


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