Demand continues at Warrnambool

Warrnambool store sale brings hot competition

RESULT: Agents said the store sale was a quality yarding and exceeded expectations. (File photo).

RESULT: Agents said the store sale was a quality yarding and exceeded expectations. (File photo).


Agents yarded 2020 head and said prices exceeded expectations.


Agents said the monthly store sale at Warrnambool today well and truly exceeded expectations.

A total of 2020 head were yarded, with steers reaching 552 cents per kilogram and open auction steers topping at 638c/kg.

Heavier steers above 400kg sold between 440c/kg and 483c/kg, while crossbred steers reached 439c/kg.

Heifers sold to 538c/kg and most over 400kg sold between 420 and 450c/kg.

Warrnambool Stock Agents Association President Jack Kelly said vendors were extremely happy with the prices.

The quality of the yarding was very good and the prices exceeded expectations, he said.

"It worked out to be a very good sale," he said.

"If you've been fortunate to sell cattle in the last three or four weeks, the fat job is extremely good and now it's turned to trying to replace.

"Even in little small cattle they just kept jumping up in price because a lot of farmers think, 'well I've got feed, I've got to buy something.'

"The lighter steers sold extremely well and a very good run of heifers, and then into the lighter heifers it just continued right into the sale and into the crossbred steers.

"Right from the first pen to the last pen, there were plenty of people standing around trying to buy them.

"I thought the end of January was a very good sale but this was better again."

Wentworth Close sold 28 Angus steers at 298c/kg for 552c/kg or $1644 and 25 Angus heifers for 538c/kg or $1495.

Woodlawn sold 14 Angus steers, 326kg for 528c/kg or $1718.

Kilmorey Partnership sold a pen of 36 Angus steers weighing 369kg for 494c/kg or $1822.

Windy Hill sold six Angus steers weighing 336kg for 504c/kg or $1693.

The same vendor sold 10 Angus heifers weighing 336kg for 481c/kg or $1616

Wattle Gum sold 12 Angus heifers at 334kg for $508c/kg or $1560.

Brendarry sold 15 Angus cows with 16 calves at foot for $2850.

Feedlot buyers were after the heavier cattle and there was good support from around Victoria as well as South Australia, Mr Kelly said.

"Obviously people have sold fat cattle and they want to replace, so they're going to whatever sale they can," he said.

Mr Kelly said agents were expecting about 1500 to be yarded but ended up with more than 2000.

Vendors were keen to capitalise on the good prices, he said.

"They've probably weaned these cattle a little bit earlier, like say around Christmas time or early New Year and thought, 'gee they've done well since they've been weaned, it's no good sitting on them,'" he said.

"It's a good opportunity to sell."


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