Powranna steers top 700 cents a kilogram

Powranna, Tas, prices hit 'extreme levels'

CLIENT: Martin Hall, Elders, with George Shea, Hamilton, southern Tasmania, at a previous Powranna sale, viewing heifers and calves at foot that made $2150.

CLIENT: Martin Hall, Elders, with George Shea, Hamilton, southern Tasmania, at a previous Powranna sale, viewing heifers and calves at foot that made $2150.


Tasmanian steers top 700 cents a kilogram in a strong sale.


Prices for lighter steers at the Powranna, Tasmania, weaner sale, matched those on the mainland, with stock selling for more than 760 cents/kilogram.

Agents yarded 2173 head of cattle, with several large consignments from Rushy Lagoon and other vendors.

Warren Johnston, Nutrien, said it had been a "fantastic day.

"We are sitting on a phenomenal season, here in Tasmania, although the last 10 days has started to dry off a bit," Mr Johnston said.

"We will certainly come forward with some larger numbers of cattle, over the coming weeks."

He said while most of the competion was from locals, there was a contingent frm Tamworth, NSW.

"We had a lot of people viewing, on AuctionsPlus, but everything stayed locally."

He said another 440 Rushy Lagoon calves were booked in for the next sale, in early March.

"The quality of the calves was very, very good, all the calves had bloom and freshness about them and they presented very well.

"It was traditionally just a store cattle sale."

Mr Johnston said the good season, coupled with postive forward contract prices put out by the major processors, had boosted confidence in the market.

Meat & Livestock Australia reported a large percentage of weaners, which would normally be held over until March, were yarded early in sale of 'extreme" price levels.

Producers had brought stock forward, due to high prices.

Competition came from the north-west, north-east and northern Midland backgrounders and grass finishers.

Heavy steer weaners, over 330kilograms, made from $1,680 to $2,000, to average 500c/kg, while medium weights, 280 to 330kg, sold from $1,480 to $1,780/hd to average 548c/kg.

Lighter weights 200 to 280kg were making from $1,460 to $1,700 to average 650c/kg and a few very light calves sold from $1,320 to $1,380/hd.

The heaviest heifer weaners made from $1,500 to $1,720, to average 475c and medium weights were selling from $1,440 to $1,640/hd to average 500c/kg.

Light weights sold from $1,140 to $1,540 to average 560c/kg and very light types made from $1,180 to $1,210/hd.

Yearling steers sold from $1,620 to $2,280 and heifers made from $1,700 to $2,060/hd.

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Powranna prices pick up pace in strong sale

One vendor hit paydirt at the Tasmania Livestock Exchange, with two pens of light Angus steers.

Little Marney sold 17 Angus steers, 233kg, for $1660 or 712c/kg. It's second pen of seven Angus steers, 173kg, sold for $1320 or 763c/kg.

Heifer prices were not far behind, with a pen of 20 Herefords, from Rushy Lagoon, making nearly 680c/kg.

The property also sold stock for more than 700c/kg - with prices climbing steadily, as weights fell.

Rushy Lagoon's 43 Hereford steers, av 268kg, made $1640, or 611c/kg, while a pen of 33 Angus steers, 237kg, sold for $1500, or 632c/kg.

Another pen of 25 Angus steers, av 200kg, sold for $1460, or 730c/kg.

Ellesmere sold eight Angus steers, 597kg, for $2280, or 381c/kg.

Gibson Bros sold eight Angus steers, 20-months old, 560kg, $2140, or 382c/kg.

Westbank sold three Hereford steers, 419kg, for $1940, or 463c/kg.

They also sold 11 steers, 382kg, for $1800, or 471c/kg.

Rostella sold 10 Angus steers, 360kg, for $1820, or 505c/kg.

They also sold 12 Angus steers, 312kg, for $1700, or 544c/kg.

Westview sold 15 Angus steers, 349kg, for $1760.

Amberley sold 10 Shorthorn cross steers, 284kg, for $1700, or 598c/kg.

They sold another pen of 10, av 255kg, for $1700, or 666c/kg.

Bangor sold eight Poll Hereford steers, 437kg, for $1880, or 430c/kg.

Muddy Creek sold 10 Hereford steers, 523kg, for $2160, or 413c/kg.

Surveyors Bay sold 14 Landfall and Tamaroo-blood steers, 276kg, for $1660, or 601c/kg.

It pen of 22 Angus steers, 219kg, sold for $1500, or 684c/kg.

The Back Run sold 26 Landfall-blood steers, 297kg, for $1710, or 575c/kg.

It sold 27 steers, av 271kg, for $1660, or 612c/kg.

Invermark sold 33 Cluden Newry-blood steers, 365kg, for $1860, or 509/kg.

It's second pen of 12, av 330kg, sold for $1780, or 539c/kg.

St Peters Pass sold six Poll Hereford steers, 432kg, for $1880, or 435c/kg.

North Cotehele sold 9 Black Simmental cross, Woonallee-blood steers, 335kg, for $1840, or 549c/kg.

Wattle Corner sold 20 Cluden Newry-blood steers, 367kg, for $1860, or 506c/kg.

A second pen of nine, av 335kg, sold for $1760, or 525c/kg.

Rushy Lagoon sold 10 Angus-Hereford heifers, 181kg, for $1180, or 651c/kg.

Its pen of 20 Hereford heifers, 178kg, sold for $1210, or 679c/kg.

Westbank's 10 Hereford heifers, 366kg, sold for $1720, or 469c/kg.

Westview sold 12 Angus heifers, 326kg, for $1640, or 503c/kg.

Macajar sold 12 Angus yearling heifers, 456kg, for $2060, or 451c/kg.

Surveyors Bay sold 18 Angus heifers, 209kg, for $1260 or 602/kg.

Invermark's 19 Angus heifers, 321kg, sold for $1640, or 510c/kg.

The Back Run sold six Angus heifers, 260kg, for $1540, or 592c/kg.

Southlander sold seven Devon heifers, 257kg, for $1400, or 544c/kg.


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