Steers to 500c/kg despite drop in quality at Pakenham

Pakenham cattle prices still strong at fortnightly store sale


A slight drop in overall quality did not reduce demand.


Agents reported a slight drop in quality at the Pakenham store sale today, but said overall prices remained as expected.

Around 1800 head were yarded with steers reaching 500 cents a kilogram.

Glendale Pastoral, Warragul, sold several pens, including seven steers weighing 346kg for 459 cents per kilogram or $1590 a head.

JD McCathy sold a pen of eight Speckle Parks at 380kg for 457c/kg or $1740 and a pen of five weighing 330kg for 500c/kg or $1650.

Alex Scott and Staff livestock auctioneer Jason Fry said it was a mixed yarding but the prices were as expected.

"The quality of the cattle from a breed point of view was probably a little bit less but the condition of the cattle was excellent," he said.

"There was a couple of places where the job looked a little bit dearer, but there was a couple of spots where it was a bit under as well."

Feedlotters were continuing to seek the heavier cattle but local graziers were also buying, he said.

"We've had a really good season so people are taking advantage of that."

Feature lines included Bayview Pty Ltd, Yinnar, which sold 18 at 498kg for 421c/kg or $2100, and another pen of 10 weighing 464kg for 433c/kg or $2010.

The same vendor also sold 18 at 519kg for 393c/kg or $2040 and a pen of 10 weighing 543kg for 372 cents per kilogram or $2020 a head.


Peter Miller, Almurta, sold a pen of 19 Charolais weighing 431kg for 440c/kg or $1900 and a pen of 20 at 370kg for 475c/kg or $1760.

Molare Pty Ltd, Nar Nar Goon, sold 11 weighing 442kg for 439c/kg or $1940

Glendale Pastoral, Warragul,sold seven steers weighing 346kg for 459c/kg or $1590.

PR & JT Fleming, Perry Bridge, sold a pen of five at 522kg for 398c/kg or $2080.

Nutrien livestock agent Andy Grant said it was a great time to be selling.

"I think there was a bigger crowd here than a fortnight ago and generally the market may have been a little bit stronger, especially early," he said.

"It certainly didn't disappoint us.

"The surprising thing I saw today was a few spring drop calves starting to come in, which must only be six, seven months of age, but they're still making $1400 to $1500 dollars which looks terrific money."

P Doyle and Associates, Balnaring, sold 10 weighing 494kg for 417c/kg or $2060 and another pen of 14 at 556kg for 392c/kg or $2180.

A Ballantyne, Dromana, sold a pen of 22 at 590kg for 394c/kg or $2330.

H & P Inverarity, Millgrove, sold 13 weighing 487kg for 431c/kg or $2100, and a second pen of eight weighing 417kg for 455c/kg or $1900.

MP & KM Brennan, Arthurs Creek, sold nine weighing 353kg for 467c/kg or $1650.

Yeadon Station, Hay, sold a pen of 15 at 317kg for 517c/kg or $1640, while DG Petty, Toomuc Valley, sold seven weighing 370kg for 464c/kg or $1720.

Willurah Park, Harkaway, sold six at 394kg for 441c/kg or $1740.

S & L Contracting Services, Yarragon, sold seven weighing 364kg for 494c/kg or $1800, while KA & JF Board sold 12 at 486kg for 448c/kg or $2180.


Mr Fry said heifers also sold well.

"Heifers were certainly the flavour again this week with your bigger, heavier heifers making that 440c/kg to go back in as restock, and then your weaner heifer calves that 470c/kg," he said.

Glendale Pastoral, Warragul, sold 13 heifers weighing 314kg for 445c/kg or $1400, and another pen of 16 at 340kg for 458c/kg or $1560.

W Paul sold a pen of 12 weighing 326kg for 475c/kg or $1550 and BH & ME Seebeck, Berwick, sold 23 at 410kg for 419c/kg or $1720.

Willurah Park, Harkaway, sold four weighing 385kg for 446c/kg or $1720, while Yeadon Station sold 22 weighing 331kg for 483c/kg or $1600.

Botanic Ridge, Cranbourne South, sold a pen of 13 weighing 480kg for 85c/kg or $1850 and S & L Contracting Services, Yarragon, sold 14 weighing 347kg for 466c/kg or $1620.

G O'Connell sold a pen of three weighing 375kg for 442c/kg or $1660.

Peter Miller, Almurta, sold 16 Charolais heifers weighing 346kg for 473c/kg or $1640 and a pen of 15 weighing 376kg for 460c/kg or $1730.

Cows and calves

Terra Nosha, Lang Lang, sold six unjoined Angus heifers for $3020.

G Johnson, Seville, sold eight cows and calves for $2950.

HC Glover and Son, Lang Lang, sold two cows and calves redepastured to an Angus bull for $2760, and another three, also redepastured, for $2440.


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