Kyneton PTIC heifers to $2660

Prices eased at Kyneton, on a small, but quality yarding | PHOTOS

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Meatworks, local agents to the fore at Kyneton.


Processors were prominent at the first Kyneton monthly store sale, with three operating on a small yarding of quality cattle.

Westside, Hardwicks and Highland Meats were all operating.

Local agents Dean Coxon, Elders, and Kieran McGrath, McGrath Rodwell, also snapped up a significant part of the 400 head offering, for the area's grass fatteners.

Nutrien Wangaratta also picked up several pens of cattle.

There were few large lines of cattle, but all the Kyneton agents said they were pleased with the prices.

John Robson, Nutrien Ag Solutions, said it was the usual January "clean up job.

"These were smaller mobs of cattle, we didn't want to get lost, basically odds and ends," Mr Robson said.

"We had some good quality cattle, but in pens of five or seven.

"They sold very well, not as good as the weaner sale, purely because were weren't able to bring in volume numbers.

"We didn't have the volume buyers here because of the small pen lots."

Mr Robson said considering the quality of the cows and calves, the prices were very good.

"There were some very good joined heifers, they were good buying, as were the good Black Baldy heifers, which are the hardest thing in the land to find."

Mr Grath said the quality was average, after this month's weaner sale.

"Conditions are perfect, for this time of the year," Mr McGrath said.

"Considering the quality of the cattle, they sold very well.

"It was a good yarding of cows and calves, and joined females, and the rest I would call an average yarding of cattle," Mr McGrath said.

PC & MD Bruton, Trentham, sold seven Angus steers, 494kg, for $1940, or 392c/kg.

A second pen of six, 411kg, sold for $1770, or 430c/kg.

Aiello sold a pen of six steers, 418kg, for $1770, or 423c/kg.

G Hewitt sold five steers, 353kg, for $1620, or 458c/kg.

R & H Hanson sold six Glendan Park-blood steers, 292kg, for $1350, or 462c/kg.

S&K Marketing sold six steers, 410kg, for $1780, or 434c/kg.

They also sold four Poll Hereford steers, 297kg, for $1280, or 430c/kg.

A Wisniewski sold four steers, 336kg, for $1540, or 458c/kg.

Ray Irving, Wheatsheaf, sold five Angus/Limousin steers, 314kg, for $1480, or 470c/kg.

S& K Marketing sold three x three cows and calves for $2400.

A second pen of two x two Poll Hereford cows, with CAF, sold for $2320.

R&H Hanson sold three x three heifers and calves for $2400.

Montague sold two x two Belted Galloway cows and calves for $1660.

Griffiths sold six, 10 month old Limousin steers, 351kg, for $1660, or 472c/kg.

Woodlands sold 23 heifers, PTIC to a Barwidgee-blood bull, to calve from March 13, for $2660.

It also sold nine heifers, 494kg, for $1900, or 384c/kg.

John Walter sold six PTIC heifers, depastured to an Angus bull, for $2100.

PC and MD Bruton sold 11 heifers, 447kg, for $1820, or 407c/kg.

BJ and SJ Griffiths sold eight Beckenham-blood Limousin heifers, 279kg, for $1350, or 483c/kg.

S&K Marketing sold five heifers, 420kg, for $1660, or 395c/kg.

M Knight sold nine Lawsons-blood heifers, 405kg, for $1670, or 412c/kg.

D Lawson sold seven Angus/Limousin-blood heifers for $1610, or 489c/kg.


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