Bairnsdale steer calves pass 600c/kg at buoyant summer sale

Bairnsdale steer calves pass 600c/kg at buoyant summer sale


Agents yarded about 2000 cattle at Bairnsdale on Friday.


Quality vendor-bred calves sold to strong demand at Bairnsdale on Friday where steers passed 600 cents a kilogram as buyers sought well-bred lines to restock.

Agents yarded about 2000 cattle for the feature East Gippsland sale which included several annual drafts of Angus and Hereford calves.

Feedlot activity was minimal during the fortnightly store market, with most of the cattle bought by local producers or agents and producers from South and West Gippsland.

Heavy steers sold to $2370 while heifers made more than 550c/kg.

Bill Wyndham auctioneer Colin Jones said dry conditions in East Gippsland had contributed to an influx of cattle to the sale, which was initially expected to include only 1200 cattle.

"It has got dry but at least there is feed compared to 12 months ago," Mr Jones said.

"As people would remember, 12 months ago we were still smoked out but at least this year we have the grass cover to keep the cattle on."

Among the feature drafts, Nungurner Hills, Nungurner, sold 50 steers, 12 to 15 months, including 20 steers, 406kg, which made $1860 or 458c/kg, followed by 22, 373kg, which made $1760 or 471c/kg.

Shaun and Maria Beasley, Lindenow South, sold a draft of 111 Angus steers, nine months, including a top pen of 25 steers, 380kg, for $1800 or 473c/kg and 24 steers, 368kg, for $1760 or 478c/kg.

Jim and Sue Gray, Ensay, sold a draft of Hereford steers and heifers including 28 steers, 358kg, for $1770 or 494c/kg and 25 steers, 326kg, for $1720 or 527c/kg.

The Grays also sold 24 heifers, 343kg, for $1810 or 527c/kg and 23 heifers, 304kg, for $1630 or 536c/kg.

Joe Jordan, also of Ensay, sold a draft of 120 Angus mixed-sex calves, nine to 10 months, including 22 steers, 369kg, for $1910 or 517c/kg and 25 steers, 350kg, for $1830 or 522c/kg.

His entire draft of 77 steers made above 515c/kg.

Mr Jordan also sold 21 heifers, 326kg, for $1740 or 533c/kg and 26 heifers, 292kg, for $1610 or 551c/kg.

Phil and Kerry Geehman, Ensay, also sold an entire draft of steers which made more than 500c/kg.

The first pen of 18 European Union-accredited Hereford steers, 367kg, made $1850 or 504c/kg, the second pen of 24, 336kg, made $1720 or 511c/kg and the third pen of 20, 318kg, made $1680 or 528c/kg.

"The Geehman's cattle unusually go back to the same buyers each year and they were here again today to buy them," Mr Jones said.

Geoff and Lyn Johnston, Walpa, sold 10 Hereford heifers, 495kg, for $1760 or 355c/kg, and another 12, 452kg, for $1760 or 389c/kg.

Elders Bairnsdale livestock manager Morgan Davies said the warm conditions would like increase the size of store sales in the coming months.

"It all looked very solid to me and everyone came here with grand expectations thinking their cattle would make pretty serious money and I don't think they would be disappointed," Mr Davies said.

"It's going to get pretty hot now and we expect more cattle to come onto the market in the coming sales."

Lou and Rose Maher, Meerlieu, sold 44 steers including 22, 589kg, for $1900 or 494c/kg and another 22, 371kg, for $1860 or 501c/kg.

PR Henderson sold 18 steers, 335kg, for $1710 or 510c/kg and Coonmoor Pastoral, Lindenow South, sold 21 steers, 530kg, for $1720 or 521c/kg.

Buchan Back Creek Pty Ltd sold three pens of steers including 24, 315kg, for $1680 or 533c/kg, 22, 294kg, for $1660 or 564c/kg and 15, 252kg, for $1610 or 638c/kg.

Nutrien Bairnsdale livestock manager Brad Obst said the quality of the cattle "stood out".

"I thought it was strong enough and it was helped with a good buying group present," Mr Obst said.

"There was an outstanding display of East Gippsland-bred cattle overall and they presented very well."

How the cattle sold

JM Spencer sold 16 steers, 601kg, for $2250 or 374c/kg.

H & E Smith sold nine steers, 643kg, for $2370 or 368kg and 15 steers, 546kg, for $2280 or 417c/kg.

MV & ME Sears sold 12 steers, 633kg, for $2340 or 369c/kg.

Jambro Pastoral sold 25 steers, 364kg, for $1820 or 500c/kg and 20, 322kg, for $1650 or 512c/kg.

M Murphy sold 17 steers, 436kg, for $1740 or 399c/kg and 15, 407kg, for $1695 or 416c/kg.

Tim Lancaster sold nine heifers, 463kg, for $1820 or 393c/kg.

GD Simpson sold 25 heifers, 315kg, for $1410 or 447c/kg.

M & M Treasure sold 13 heifers, 430kg, for $1720 or 400c/kg.


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