Record numbers at Pakenham store sale

Pakenham store sale sees record numbers


Good prices continue as agents yard 4000.


Agents reported a record yarding and continued strong prices at the Pakenham store sale.

Nearly 4000 head were yarded with good weights, as steers sold to 500c/kg.

Alex Scott and Staff Pakenham livestock manager David Setches said the quality yarding reflected the good season.

"Prices held up extremely well across all weights and grades, particularly these lighter cattle that we're selling at the moment," he said.

"A lot of heavier cattle here which a lot of the hobby farmers didn't want to pay the rate of the feedlots so they got sort of forced out into these lighter cattle and hence they were selling very well - 500c/kg plus.

"Our 400 to 450kg steers made up to 460c/kg, heifers around 300 to 380kg made up to 485c/kg.

"There were very few pens with heifers under 300kg but when we did we got into the 500c/kg territory and above."

Glen Avis, Catani, sold several pens, including 14 steers at 590kg for 376c/kg or $2220, and 11 at 453kg for 408c/kg or $1850.

M Baillieu, Beaconsfield, sold a pen of 30 at 424kg for 452c/kg or $1920, and another five weighing 375kg for 458c/kg or $1720.

N Johns, Dromana, sold 17 at 686kg for 370c/kg or $2540, while Cruden Farm sold seven at 395kg for 458c/kg or $1810.

T Phillips, Molyvillah, sold 24 at 531kg for 418c/kg or $2220, JB Buchanan, Thaloo, sold a pen of 18 weighing 533kg for 414c/kg or $2210.

Prezioso Partnership, Yallourn, sold 2 at 555kg for 394c/kg or $2190 and a pen of 19 at 541kg for 399c/kg or $2160.

P & B Trowbridge, Flinders, sold a pen of 16 at 387kg for 441c/kg or $1710, while N & C Reid, Glenburn, sold nine at 369kg for 447c/kg or $1650.

Jacobs Creek Pastoral, Narracan, sold 22 at 430kg for 441c/kg or $1900, and a pen of 29 weighing 365kg for 452c/kg or $1650.

The same vendor also sold 16 heifers at 440kg for 409c/kg or $1800.

Pepperhill Trading, Willow Grove, sold a pen of three at 511kg for 405c/kg or $2070, a pen of 13 at 426kg for 427c/kg or $1820, and a pen of 10 at 362kg for 466c/kg or $1690.

Tobawd Farm, Lang Lang, sold seven at 320kg for 500c/kg or $1600, while M Wieman, Hill End, sold a pen of 18 weighing 344kg for 507c/kg or $1745.

C Justice, Wollert, sold 16 at 348kg for 500c/kg or $1740.

Elders Pakenham livestock manager Michael Robertson said it was another strong sale.

"Especially considering how many cattle were here - we were a little bit sceptical as to how it would go," he said.

"Our 300kg steers all made well about 500c/kg, it's continued on from how strong Leongatha was last week.

"They were very strong throughout, we had a very strong run of heavy steers, 550kg Angus steers coming back at 410c/kg and $2260.

"That's big money, it makes you think, 'why run them to bullocks in the spring when you can get the money that you can now'?"

Mr Roberston said it remained to be seen whether the high prices were sustainable.

"It's danger money really, it something we've never seen before," he said.

"I'm not sure whether these prices can hold, I think it will for the next couple of weeks and we'll just see if an Autumn break comes - I think that's the big deciding factor."

TMH Pastoral, Pakenham, sold four heifers at 380kg for 423c/kg or $1610, while TL O'Sullivan, Tooradin, sold five heifers weighing 386kg for 422c/kg or $1630.

M Wieman, Hill End, sold 30 heifers at 317kg for 485c/kg or $1540.

DA & SJ King, Newborough, sold 32 heifers weighing 281kg for 533c/kg or $1500.

Nathan Gibbon from Nathan Gibbon Livestock said vendors were deciding to sell now given the good pricing.

Feedlot buyers were strong, he said.

"I thought the cattle still sold very, very well. It might be slightly easier than a fortnight ago," he said.

"The quality of the yarding was very good... the first run of cattle were outstanding.

"The commission buyers had good northern orders and the cattle sold."


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