Steers north of 550c/kg at Leongatha

Leongatha store sale brings good weights and prices


Agents yarded 2426 head, with weights up and strong prices.


A big crowd attended the first store sale at Leongatha for the year, with agents reporting prices were on par with the recent western district weaner sales.

Agents yarded 2426 head, with steers selling above 550 cents a kilogram and heifers north of 500c/kg.

The bidding started with vendors D & K Kuch, Leongatha, with a pen of 12 steers at 500kg that made 432c/kg or $2160 a head.

Their second pen of 10 at 475kg sold for 440c/kg or $2090.

G & J Tuckett sold 20 at 499kg for 434c/kg or $2170, followed by 20 at 496kg for 427c/kg or $2120.

J M Hayward, Leongatha South, sold a pen of 12 at 532kg for 411c/kg or $2190 and a pen of nine at 497kg for 424c/kg or $2110.

S & M Greaves, Nerrena, sold 20 at 432kg for 440c/kg or $1900 and a pen of 10 at 365kg for 463c/kg or $1690 a head.

Elders Leongatha and Korumburra livestock manager Rohan McRae said it was a quality run of cattle.

"All cattle sold extremely well," Mr McRae said.

"I don't think we're any cheaper than western district sales, quality on quality.

"Our good cattle made up to those rates - good quality, heavy cattle are making in or about 400c/kg, and when I say heavy cattle, they're 500-600kg."

Neil Smith, Pound Creek, sold a draft of 105, including 10 at 368kg for 462c/kg or $1700 and nine at 405kg for 459c/kg or $1860.

Mr Smith also sold 18 heifers weighing 342kg for 470c/kg or $1610.

Mrs Quigley, Yinnar, sold 17 weighing 387kg for 490c/kg or $1900, while N Stuart, Nerrena, sold 18 at 359kg for 487c/kg or $1750.

M & C Russell, Glen Forbes, sold 16 at 360kg for 502c/kg or $1810 and 18 at 420kg that made 457c/kg or $1920.

Red Angus feature lines included K & L Heggen, Binginwarri, who sold 114 steers including 21 at 340kg for 558c/kg or $1900, and 20 at 375kg for 533c/kg or $2000.

The same vendor also sold 22 steers at 312kg for 544c/kg or $1700, and 10 heifers weighing 280kg for 553c/kg or $1550.

Ajay Partnerships, Leongatha, sold 40 head, including seven at 421kg for 427c/kg or $1800, and 12 at 344kg for 482c/kg or $1660.

Mr McRae said the good season was having an impact.

"Cattle might be going backwards in any other year but the way it is at the moment they're going forwards, people are happy to sit and hold their cattle and put more weight into them," he said.

SEJ Leongatha livestock manager James Kyle said weights were higher than expected and prices were on par with other sales.

"[There was] a lot of strong competition from everywhere, mainly all our locals and obviously on the heavier end of the steers, predominantly feedlot driven," he said.

"Specific pens of cattle - well renowned breeder's calves - are the ones that attracted the most competition.

"Pretty much all our cattle that were in the 450-500kg range were making anywhere from 420-450 c/kg."


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