Warrnambool weaners to 536c/kg

Light steers made 600c/kg plus at Warrnambool


The lighter and open auction cattle at Warrnambool stole the show.


There was 2700 head of cattle at Warrnambool's annual weaner sale on Friday with steer weaners making to 538 cents a kilogram and heifers to 522c/kg.

Warrnambool associated agents president Jack Kelly said prices for steers were on a par with other recent sales with the tops making 538c/kg and most in the 300-360kg range making 490-538c/kg.

Most steers weighing 360-400kg made 480-500c/kg and above 400kg made 455-485c/kg.

Mr Kelly said steers sold open auction were outstanding with the tops making $1720 a head or 646c/kg.

Heifers topped at 522c/kg and in a range of 460-480c/kg.

StockLive was active selling 534 head with 141 going to Victorian-based accounts while 393 head went to NSW-based accounts.

Tops on a liveweight basis was a pen of 18 Angus and Black Baldy steers sold account H & M Jarrett, that weighed 293kg and made 538c/kg or $1576.

Best per head was a pen of 11 account Sugar Loaf that weighed 454kg and sold for $2023.

Nine Mile had a small pen of five Angus steers, 328kg, that sold for 534c/kg or $1751.

Earlier the vendor sold 11 at 416kg for 472c/kg.

A pen of 72 Angus steers sold account Arkoonah, weighing 314kg, sold for 534c/kg or $1676.

The same vendor had 50 at 359kg that sold for 483c/kg or $1704.

The best presented steers was a pen of 56 account Kilmorey Partnership, 382kg, that made 465c/kg or $1776.

A second draft of 44, 365kg, sold for 478c/kg or $1744.

A pen of 28 steers sold account Green Hills, 399kg, made 468c/kg or $1867 and 17 heifers, 351kg, made 450c/kg or $1579.

DJ Mahony had a lead pen of 19 steers, 403kg, that made 462c/kg or $1861.

Twenty one steers sold account Woodstock weighed 320kg and sold for 524c/kg or $1760.

Black Bbaldy steers sold by Newbridge in a pen of 27 weighing 308kg sold for 530c/kg or $1632.

DK Else sold steers that included a pen of 25, 358kg, for 484c/kg and eight at 324kg for 514c/kg or $1665.

A pen of 10 Angus steers account GJ Patterson weighed 318kg and sold for 520c/kg or $1653.

The annual draft of mixed-sex calves sold by Fernbank Park included a pen of 29 at 365kg that sold for 484c/kg or $1716 and 26 sold open auction for $1720 or 526c/kg.

Another pen of 14 at 295kg made $1640 or 555c/kg.

A pen of 26 account Boathouse sold open auction for $1690 or 563c/kg.

A light pen of 11 steers account Woodrow at 290kg made 534c/kg.

Athlone South's penning included 34 at 288kg sold open auction for $1650 or 572c/kg and 16 at 240kg that made $1460 or 608c/kg.

Top of the heifer run was a pen of 11 Speckle Park heifers account Yinarrie, 322kg, at 522c/kg or $1680.

A pen of Simmental/Angus-cross heifers sold account Rivetts Run weighed 353kg and sold for 466c/kg or $1644, while Ocean View sold 14 heifers, 393kg, at 456c/kg or $1792.


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