Yea second-calvers make up to $3400

Yea second-calvers make up to $3400

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Joined heifers at Yea range in price from $2000 to $3400.


A small, but good quality yarding of joined females and heifers at Yea saw prices reach $3400 for joined heifers.

Agents yarded 480 head of joined heifers, cows and calves.

Anthony Delaney, Nutrien Ag Delaney Livestock, said he wasn't surprised at the smaller yarding, particularly with the number of joined heifers that had been sold before Christmas.

"A lot of our clients who background heifers and have them for this sale were out of that market," Mr Delaney said.

"Most of the heifers and cows and calves went back locally, through Euroa and up to Myrtleford.

"It was typically a good local yarding, selling to what I would call local competition.

"The stock presented in "excellent condition."

Chris Pollard, Nutrien Ag Solutions, said many joined heifers had been sold through spring.

"People took the money and ran," Mr Pollard said.

"On reflection, they may have been better off hanging onto them."

The joined heifers ranged in price from $2000-$3400.

"All your better quality cattle made over $2600," he said.

There was plenty of weight in the cattle.

"We've had a thumping season, so the cattle are in good nick," Mr Pollard said.

Three Sisters Pastoral, sold its first pen of 12 Angus heifers, 26-28-months-old, pregnancy-tested-in-calf to an Anvil bull, 722kg, for $3250 or 450 cents a kilogram.

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RA May, Merrijig, sold 14 Angus heifers, 674kg, PTIC, for $3000 or 445c/kg.

K&A Ray sold 15 Angus cows, redepastured to a Kelly Angus bull, 606kg, for $3075 or 507c/kg.

Strathglen Pastoral sold its first pen of 12 rising two-year-old heifers, PTIC to Angus bulls, 629kg, for $2875 or 457c/kg.

The second pen of 12, 641kg, also sold for $2875 or 448c/kg.

DGA Douglas, Woodstock Manor, Woodstock, sold 18 rising two-year-old heifers, 556kg, for $2700 or 485c/kg.

Ursula Downs sold 14 heifers, 609kg, PTIC to an Anvil bull, for $2675 or 439c/kg.

RG & JA Cleeland sold 19x19 cows and calves, redepastured to an Alpine Angus bull, for $3200.

Allanvale Estate sold 9x9 five to six-year-old cows with calves at foot, redepastured to a Landfall bull, for $3025.

Stumphill sold 7x7 High Spa-blood heifers and calves for $3375.

Greenhills Herefords, Ghin Ghin, sold seven rising 2.5-year-old Hereford heifers, 700kg, PTIC to a Mawarra bull, for $2325 or 332c/kg.

J & E Madin sold 10 heifers, 631kg, redepastured to a Gendalloch bull, for $2600 or 412c/kg,

J & TM McCormack sold 12 Shorthorn/Hereford-cross Elora/Marschay-blood heifers, PTIC to a Ravensdale Poll Hereford bull, for $2600.

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