AuctionsPlus puts floor in Euroa's weaner sale

AuctionsPlus puts floor in Euroa's weaner sale

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Prices tipped 700c/kg at Euroa, with commisison buyers and AuctionsPlus active.


AuctionsPlus buyers made their presence felt at Euroa's annual weaner sale, with one agent saying cattle went "from Colac to Queensland".

Agents yarded 2300 head of cattle to a large gallery dominated by commission buyer Andrew Lowe, acting on behalf of up to seven bidders, and AuctionsPlus.

Steers in a band from 300-350 kilograms saw returns from 371-520 cents a kilogram, although one of the few pens of lighter cattle hit more than 700c/kg.

Russell Mawson, Nutrien Ag Euroa, said the first lane of black steers carried "an enormous amount of weight", from 360kg to about 430kg.

"We have had our feature sales in December, the numbers are still coming out and their condition is very, very good," Mr Mawson said.

"AuctionsPlus had 366 online bids, they bid on half the pens here, and bought 30 lines of cattle.

"We had bids from Queensland to the far south."

Gooram Springs presented nearly 130 calves, selling a pen of 33 steers, 210kg, for $1480, or 705c/kg.

In the heifers, East Union sold 33 Witherswood, Prime and Merridale-blood heifers, weighing 210kg, for $1480 or 704c/kg.

Commission buyer Duncan Brown and the Conroy Brothers were also active.

"It's all grass driven, you don't have to go far over the border and there is green feed," Mr Mawson said.

"People were buying on a dollars per head, they weren't focusing on what the cents a kilogram was doing."

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Elders agent Joe Allen, Euroa, said it was impressive to see that there was a lot of weight in the cattle on offer.

"There would have probably been in excess of 350 black Angus weaners that exceeded 350kg, so about as much weight as we have seen in a while at a weaner sale," Mr Allen said.

"It was $100-150 higher than December.

"In December $1600 was very much the baseline price, this month is probably more than $1700."

L Ryan sold 11 Angus steers, sons of Yellowstone and GT Maximum, 280kg, for $1675 or 598c/kg.

Clifton Park, Moglonembly, sold 20 Connamara-blood steers, 329kg, for $1720 or 522c/kg.

Aroona Grazing, Warrenbayne, sold eight Landfall and Prime Angus-blood steers, 312kg, for $1610 or 516c/kg.

Stribling & Phelan, Flat Rock, sold 13 Newnham Angus steers, 337kg, for $1725 or 511c/kg.

M & E Thomas, Ruffy, sold 18 Angus steers, by sons of Te Mania Infinity and Landfall Everest, 377kg, for $1795 or 476c/kg.

K&L Dean, Briggs Creek, sold 12 Tarcombe and Wieeuna-blood steers, 349kg, for $1650 or 472c/kg.

Phoenix Park sold 18 Glengowan-blood heifers, 398kg, for $1730 or 434c/kg.

Esse Rural sold 10 Angus heifers, 367kg, for $1720 or 468c/kg.

Roselea Park sold 11 Hereford/Shorhorn-cross heifers, 343kg, for $1600 or 466c/kg.

RW and KA Newnham sold six heifers, 366kg, for $1690 or 461c/kg.

K&L Dean sold 13 Hereford heifers, 265kg, for $1380 or 520c/kg.

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