Hamilton Herefords, Euros weaners roar

Hamilton Hereford, Euro mixed sex yarding makes 502c/kg average

Victorian Weaner Sales

Hereford and Euro steers and heifers shone at the Hamilton weaner sale at Hamilton averaging 502c/kg.


Vendors were ecstatic with prices that were as much as 200 cents a kilogram above the 2020 sale at Wednesday's Hamilton Independent Agents Hereford and Euro mixed sex weaner sale.

Weaner steers sold to $2039 a head and 580 cents a kilogram on a liveweight basis and . The heifer portion sold to $1892 and 532c/kg.

The yarding of 2028 included 1597 steers that averaged $1743 and 500c/kg, while 428 heifers averaged $1597 and 499c/kg.

A strong field of buyers were present with cattle going to Gippsland, Mildura, Bendigo, Ballarat and strong western district support. Interstate destinations for cattle included south east SA and Dubbo, Blayney, Moree, Albury and Holbrook in NSW.

Kerr & Co auctioneer Zac Dan Wegen, said it was a sensational chance to take the rail in a sale like this.

He said the sale was "absolutely incredible".

He said AuctionsPlus played a big part in prices in the back end of the steers.

"Three features lines were Orana topping at 580c/kg, the Rundells at 562c/kg and Lochredal at 548c/kg - all of which went to AuctionsPlus," he said.

"While numbers at this sale have fallen off a bit, the top end quality lines were still there and the were being rewarded.

"It was a great line-up of cattle. One vendors averaged 200c/kg u on last year, and a lot of our Herefords averaged $1560 to $1700 today."

Having an exceptional sale was regular vendor Leon Wheeler, Wallacedale, with a consignment of Hereford and Hereford-Shorthorn-cross steers that topped the sale at $2039 on a per head basis.

The tops were the first two pens of the sale that sold together for 481c/kg weighing between 418kg and 424kg. Another line of 67 weighing 375kg to 387kg sold for 486c/kg or $1822 to $1882. Two pens of lighter steers at 333kg to 340kg, sold for 508c/kg or from $1695 to $1728.

A consignment from Lochredal top at $1937 or 492c/kg for a pen of 22 Herefords steers, 393kg. They were bought account regular buyer Paul Mason, Wellington, NSW. The same buyer paid 496c/kg for two pens from the same vendor that weighed 354kg. Two pens of the lighter steers comprising 48 weighing 314kg to 321kg, made 533c/kg or $1640 to $1712. Tops of the draft per kilogram was a pen of 11 at 286kg that made 548c/kg or $1571.

RS Rundell & Sons forwarded a consignment of Hereford steers with the heavy end selling in a pen of nine at 386kg for 478c/kg or $1848. Down the weight scale they had 50 steers, 332kg to 338kg that sold for 506c/kg or between $1681 and $1714 and 48 that weighed 309kg and sold for 534c/kg or $1653. However their highest price liveweight was 564c/kg for a pen of six at 241kg.

Topping the sale on a liveweight basis was a pen of 26 Hereford steers sold account Carolyn and Paul Malseed, Orana Partnership, Breakaway Creek, that weighed 257kg and sold for 580c/kg or $1492 a head. The same vendor sold 59 at 339kg that made 508c/kg or $1730 ad 68 at 302kg to 313kg for 536c/kg or from $$1619 to $1677.

The light weight end of the Rowen Hereford steers weighed 279kg and sold for 550c/kg or $1538. Their heavy stees weighed in at 365kg and sold for 480c/kg or $1764, while 49 in two pens weighed 328kg to 334kg and sold for 514c/kg or $1687 to $1739.

Hereford steers account Old Ripponhurst included a pen of 15 at 374kg that made 480c/kg or $1795, while a second line of 27 at 279kg sold for 556c/kg or $1549. A pen of 32 at 314kg sold for 532c/g or $1672.

The Highlands consigned a draft of Simmental-cross steers with the top pen of 12 weighing 417kg topping at $2004 or 480c/kg. The second line of 38 weighed 358kg and sold for 480c/kg or $1724 while their lighter brothers sold in two pens with one weighing 299kg and making 551c/kg or $1651 and the second at 332kg sold for 520c/kg or $1726.

The heifer portion of the draft sold to 536c/kg for a pen of 31 at 259kg. Other lines sold for 494c/kg for heifers weighing 310kg and 466c/kg for a pen of 11 at 358kg or $1669.

A line of 42 Simmental-cross steers account Cadell weighed 341kg to 352kg and sold for 498c/kg of $1700 to $1757.

The heifers in the draft included a pen of 23 that weighed 3000kg and sold for 510c/kg or $1531 and 16 in another pen that weighed 322kg and made 500c/kg or $1614.

A draft of Charolais account Geoff and Jill McErvale, Willamay, Branxholme, was topped with a pen of 13 at 390kg that made 490c/kg or $1914.


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