Steers average 502c/kg at Casterton sale

Light steers to 600c/kg at Casterton weaner sale

Victorian Weaner Sales

Plenty of light steers sold for between 530c/kg and 580c/kg at Casterton.


A yarding of 2410 head at the annual Casterton weaner steer sale was greeted by packed walkways and keen competition.

The Elders and Nutrien sale featured annual drafts of Angus steers that presented in great condition.

Across the penning the cattle averaged 336 kilograms and sold at an average of 502 cents a kilogram or $1691 a head to gross $4 million.

Nutrien Casterton livestock manager Rick Smith said the early pens of cattle weighing between 380-400kg, and European Union-accredited, sold at 480c/kg-plus, while non-EU cattle were "probably 10 or 15c/kg below that".

"As the sale progressed and the calves got lighter we saw it creep up to 500c/kg and when we got onto the second drafts 520c/kg was common and the third drafts made from 550c/kg and even 600c/kg in places," Mr Smith said.

Buyers were widespread from Queensland to northern NSW, central-west of NSW, the Riverina, Gippsland, as well as strong support from traditional buyers from south-east South Australia and some locals.

Lead runs of cattle included the opening pen of Forest View steers that comprised 43 at 392kg that sold for 484c/kg or $1901.

A pen of 17 steers sold account Killara, 401kg, made 482c/kg or $1936 and 12 at 354kg that made 488c/kg or $1728.

Willowbrook Five presented a pen of 21 that weighed 391kg and sold for 488c/kg or $1910, and a second line of 12 at 358kg made 475c/kg or $1702.

West Ridge's draft included a pen of 31 at 390kg that made 490c/kg or $1914.

A second comprised 24 at 349kg sold for 508c/kg or $1773.

The lead pen of Sunnyside heavier steers comprised 59 that weighed 385kg and sold for 478c/kg, or $1844.

At the lighter end of the draft was a pen of 15 at 318kg that made 518c/kg or $1650 and seven at 288kg that made 538c/kg or $1552.

Ulonga sold its regular draft that included a pen of 55 that weighed 386kg and sold for 474c/kg or $1830.

The sale top of 600c/kg was paid for a pen of 16 steers, 217kg, that were sold account Meteranvale.

A large consignment from Glencairn included a pen of 12 at 275kg that sold for 577c/kg or $1573.

They also sold 56 at 324kg for 524c/kg or $1700.

A pen of seven steers account Wyandra, 235kg, sold for 592c/kg or $1650.

The same vendor had 38 at 293kg that made 538c/kg or $1552 and 27 at 259kg that made 577c/kg or $1498.

A draft sold account Baroona included a pen of 74 that weighed 334kg and made 512c/kg or $1713, a second cut of 25 that weighed 300kg and made 530c/kg or $1592, while a lighter pen of 15 weighing 266kg made 569c/kg.

A pen of 42 weighing 381kg sold for 478c/kg or $1825.

Casterview consigned a draft that included six at 368kg that made 475c/kg or $1749, a pen of 17 at 343kg that made 528c/kg or $1813 and seven weighing 271kg that made 532c/kg or $1444.

A pen of 20 sold account Mullagh Pastoral weighing 280kg made 540c/kg or $1514.


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