Ring the bell, Newmarket reunion on again

Rally round, Newmarket reunion is on again


The 2021 Newmarket reunion will hold its 30th event this February.


The date's been set when those associated with the iconic Newmarket saleyards gather under the clock for a chat, a drink and a barbeque.

This year will be the 30th reunion after drawing about 70 people from a wide range of connections to the old yards came to the 2020 event.

The 2021 date is Saturday, February 20, starting at 11am.

Organiser, Kevin Shrimpton, said it was about keeping the promise he and brother Mark made to their father, the late John Shrimpton, that they would continue his legacy.

"It's difficult to keep it going, but we'll keep coming as long as they keep coming," Kevin Shrimpton said.

He said this crowd usually included people in their 70s, 80s and 90s.

"It's a gerat time to get together and talk about old times, have a drink and a sausage or piece of steak," he said.

As usual Bruce Logan would be on the microphone.

Mr Shrimpton said the day attracted agents, staff, byuers and transporters as well as their family members.


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