Wycheproof sale a "pretty good result" overall

Wycheproof values "pretty good" despite a smaller crowd


A smaller crowd and harvest activity contributed to a slightly softer market at Wycheproof's November sheep sale.


First-cross ewes sold to $385 for 1.5 year olds and $355 for ewe lambs as Merino ewes topped at $305 and wethers $160 at the Wycheproof monthly store sheep sale.

Elders branch manager, Kevin Thomson, Wycheproof, said the overall sale result was "pretty good" although "marginally softer" than the October sale.

"The number of good quality sheep dropped off a little bit and there's a fair few headers going and it's a bit warmer today," he said.

Mr Thompson said the yarding of 11,500 head attracted buyers from Kilmore, Albury, NSW, Hamilton, Skipton, Ballarat, Avoca, Euroa, Swan Hill, Horsham, and locals within 100 klometres of Wycheproof.

There were only five or six pens of 1.5 year old maiden ewes which sold to $385, with the balance selling from $335 to $385.

Mr Thompson sale included a large number of first cross ewe lambs, that were annual drafts from local breeders sold each year at this sale.

The run of the ewe lambs sold to $355 with the majority selling above $300. The younger spring-drop and mid year drop lambs sold from $250 to $275 which was "quite satisfactory for their age".

Competition was "probably not as vibrant as it's been in recent weeks, although vendors were quite satisfied with their results", he said.

Of the Merino ewes the annual draft from Tamaleuca, Ouyen, made to $305 while the balance of the 1.5 year old ewes sold to $280.

Mr Thompson said there was god buying to be had in the one-year-old ewes that sold from $220 to $280, but still "kicked up" to $280.

"It was a pretty solid Merino ewe market, that got a little bit stronger as it went," he said.

There was a selection of older Merino ewes three to five year old that made $255 to $265, keenly sought after.

Mr Thompson said Merino wethers were keenly sought after and sold to $160, six weeks off the board.

"These are annual drafts of sheep that have performance records and are keenly sought after across the state," he said.

Merino wether lambs made to $144 with most making $100 to $135.

"That was quite satisfactory for their age - they were younger than the previous sale," he said.

He sold the sale started with a pen of 2.5 year old lambs, with a "big skin", that had already produced two lambs and which sold for $338. The pen was a July/August 2018-drop, April shorn and sold account GJ & W Cook to a Rodwells Euroa account.

The feature of the sale was the consignment of 3340 mainly Merino ewes and wethers forwarded by Greg and Fiona Simpson, and son Ben, Winjallok.

The annual draft included a pen of 412 Merino ewes, May/June 2019-drop, October shorn, Winjallok blood and bred, that sold for $279 to a previous buyer. The seconds of the line comprised 202 that made $244, also to a repeat buyer.

The three-year-old Simpson ewes sold in a line of 183 that made $202.

The four-year-olds topped that with 212 making $240 and a second line of 120 for $220.

The Simpsons also sold 64 first cross ewe lambs that made $164 and the balance of 64 made $240. The five-year-old sold in one line of 375 that made $198 and were bought by a buyer from Skipton who had bought the ewes for the past five years.

Of the Simpsons wethers a pen of 488, one-year-old, sold for $160 and 248 seconds made $154, both sold to Elders Kilmore.

They also sold Merino wether lambs with 482 making $130 to DMD, and 148 went for $128 to Elders Kilmore.

The annual draft of Merino ewes account Kevin Crook and Danni Wilson, Tamaleuca, Ouyen, comprised 150, May 2019-drop, September shorn, sold for $305.

Ilfracombe sold 150 first-cross ewes, 1.5yo, October shorn, for $385.

Bushy Lodge sold two lines of 1.5yo, September shorn, with 150 making $350 and 82 selling for $325.

The Gillbee Family Trust sold 161, August/September 2019-drop first cross ewes, Octobe shorn, for $340.

The first pen of first cross ewe lambs was a draft of 224 sold account AD & RL Gawne, Boort, that were May 2020-drop, October shorn, making $355.

K, PC & S Durrant sold 125 ewes, May drop, October shorn, that made $335 and a second line of 77 for $330.

The annual draft account RC & MJ Medlyn, Carapooee, was headlined by a pen of 223 April/May 2020 drop, October shorn, that made $330. They also sold 280 at $305 and 245 at $255.

Feeny Brothers sold a pen of 297 ewe lambs, April/May 2020-drop, November shorn, for $315.

Other Merino ewes included a line of 261, July 2019 drop, October shorn, that sold account GR & A Coatsworth, that made $282.


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