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Ballarat sees light weaner steers go to more than 670 cents/kilogram.


Vendors started to bring lines of weaner cattle forward to the November Ballarat store sale, as prices continue to climb.

Agents yarded 4108 head of cattle, including cows and calves.

HF Richardson agent Bernie Nevins said the best weaners were selling for between 510-580 cents/kilogram.

"The job was unbelievable last month too," Mr Nevins said.

He said buyers had told him it was a stronger sale than Mortlake.

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"It would be $50-80 a head dearer on the odd pen than last mont, and they are only four or five months grown," Mr Nevins said.

"Talking to a few buyers, they were saying it was a lot stronger than Mortlake.

"It was extremely strong, as usual, and it's just got dearer, over the last three to four months.

"Everyone is selling and trying to buy back, and others are sitting back and thinking it might drop off, but it hasn't gone that way at all."

He said vendors were bringing lines of weaner cattle, which would normally go to the February sales, forward.

"People are grabbing the money," he said.

"In this job, nothing lasts forever, but it has at the moment, so who knows what's going to happen in February?" he said.

"But I dare say it's going to be very strong, still."

Bidders included feedlotters, commission buyers, such as Campbell Ross, and Creek Livestock, Teys and JBS.

"Duncan Brown got active on the little steers, and it was hard to roll him," he said.

Gippsland, local and Colac agents were also active and cattle went to Deniliquin and Tamworth (NSW).

"There are lot of people walking around, trying to buy cattle, who haven't got near buying them," Mr Nevins said.

"It's all good for the sellers."

Graeme Nicholson, Elders Ballarat, said he thought the market was exceptionally strong "from go to whoa.

"For every category, right throughout the sale, there were no weak spots - the cattle were outstanding, they were as good a yarding as you could see.

"You could drive anywhere in the country and you wouldn't see a better run of cattle."

Mr Nicholson said Elder's clients were "over the moon with the prices."

Good runs of lighter calves sold for between 500-550c/kg.

"I'd be grabbing the money too," he said.

Heavy cattle ranged from 400c/kg-450c/kg, Mr Nicholson said.

The sale report showed steers, ranging in weight from 200-300kg, went for between $1700, for a pen of 23, av 277kg, or 613c/kg to $1410, av 261kg, or 540c/kg.

Steers between 300-400kg sold for between $1930 and $1500/head.

Heavy steers, from 419kg to 598kg sold from $1920 to $2090/head

A pen of 22 Angus heifers, 476kg, sold for $1,920, or 403c/kg.

Heifers under 300kg, ranged in a tight band from 268-286kg, selling for $1380 to $1320.

Leo White, TB White and Sons, said it was the strongest sale he had seen at the Ballarat saleyards.

"It's all driven by feed, of course, and low numbers in a lot of areas," Mr White said.

"The cattle presented extremely well, as good a yarding of grown steers and weaners we have seen in these yards for a fairy while.

"There have been a lot of cattle sold, at the previous two or three sales, that would have normally have been held, until autumn."

He said the job might come off the pace a little, in the new year.

"There was a big following from feedlotters, paying up to $2200 and better in places, for those top Angus steers, to put on feed, so there is a lot of confidence in the job.

"Then you have your Gippsland boys buying cattle - I take my hat off to people who can buy a steer for $2100 and put it in a paddock."

Karmichael Angus sold 19 Tillabudgery-blood steers, 249kg for $1550, or 622c/kg.

The second pen of 23, av 215kg, sold for $1450, or 674c/kg.

MB Brennan sold seven Banquet-blood steers, 282kg, for $1540, or 546c/kg.

WM & NJ Ead sold a pen of six Franc-blood steers, 312kg, for $1640, or 525c/kg.

G Fraser sold a pen of nine Allandale-blood steers, 288kg, for $1510, or 524c/kg.

Turf Grass Agronomy sold 15 Te Mania-blood steers, 623kg, for $2340, or 375c/kg.

Eurambeen East sold its pen of 17 Barwdigee-blood steers, 483kg, for $2100, or 434c/kg.

ID and LS Robertson sold 16 Angus steers, 543kg, for $2130, or 392c/kg.

ML Stevens sold 44 Barwidgee-blood steers, 418kg, for $2200, or 526c/kg.

T & BM Dodds sold 13 Banquet-blood steers, 580kg, for $2330, or 401c/kg.

Norlane Investments sold eight Cooinbil Park-blood steers, 509kg, for $1800, or 353c/kg.

Kilworth sold eight steers, 406kg, for $1790, or 406c/kg.

Able Pastoral sold a pen of 24 steers, 375kg, for $1650, or 375c/kg.

T & A Shea sold 11 Tiarna-blood steers, 20 months old, 551kg, for $2190, or 401c/kg.

M Ipsen sold eight Garnshiel-blood steers, 383kg, for $1680, or 438c/kg.

LK and AE Cocking sold 16 Murdeduke-blood steers, 371kg, for $1680, or 452c/kg.

Lucas Hyde sold seven steers, 391kg, for $1690, or 422c/kg.

Warrnambool Ag sold eight Coolana-blood steers, 492kg, for $2100, or 445c/kg.

Cemaitra Holdings sold 19 Te-Mania blood steers, 380kg, for $1790, or 471c/kg.

PL and J Matthews sold 28 Murdeduke-blood steers, 346kg, for $1700, or 491c/kg.

MT Freebairn sold 16 Angus steers, 417kg for $1910, or 458c/kg.

T Noonan sold 15 Spry-blood steers, 356k, for $1780, or 500c/kg.

Cherry Tree sold 19 Murdeduke-blood steers, 345kg, for $1710, or 495c/kg.

Paraway Pastoral sold 13 Ythanbrae, Te Mania and Pathfinder-blood steers, 321kg, for $1660, or 517c/kg.

G Fraser sold a pen of nine Allendale-blood steers, 288kg, for $1510, or 524c/kg.

Nebpark Enterprises sold 22 heifers, 476kg, for $1920, or 403c/kg.

Ballanee sold 14 Langi Kal Kal-blood heifers, 486kg, for $1990, or 409c/kg.

M&M Fitzpatrick sold seven 516kg heifers for $2020, or 391c/kg.

Paul Sheedy sold eight Angus heifers, 463kg, for $1810, or 390c/kg.

Fisher and Stephens sold a pen of 11 Angus heifers, 462kg, for $1840 or 398c/kg.

Forte Land sold a pen of 23 Angus heifers, 430k, for $1840, or 427c/kg.

Colin Binks sold a pen of eight Murdeduke-blood Angus heifers, 323kg, for $1500, or 464c/kg.

A&F Ives sold a pen of 11 Shorthorn heifers, 302kg, for $1400 or 463c/kg.

Cemaitra Holdings sold a pen of 14 heifers, 379kg, for $1740, or 459c/kg.

G & B Poulton sold a pen of seven Murdeduke-blood heifers, 451kg, for $1710, or 379c/kg.

M Ipsen sold a pen of 12 heifers, 451kg, for $1710, or 379c/kg.

IL & MR Barber sold a pen of 17 heifers, 368kg, for $1150, or 312c/kg.

Black Cockatoo sold a pen of 11 heifers, 304kg, for $1,410 or 463c/kg.

Larnook sold a pen of eight Franc-blood heifers, 9-10 months old, 408kg, for $1770, or 433c/kg.

SA and TA Menz sold a pen of four x four Angus heifers with CAF for $2360.

R Muller sold five x five hiefers, with CAF, for $2250.

Kookarooabar sold six by six first calvers, redepastured to a Banquet bull for $2580.

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