Edenhope first-cross ewes reach new levels

New sale record set at Edenhope

EDENHOPE RECORD: A record has again been set at the annual Edenhope first-cross ewe sale. File photo.

EDENHOPE RECORD: A record has again been set at the annual Edenhope first-cross ewe sale. File photo.


Lamb prices continue to sizzle in the west.


A sale record has again been set at Edenhope's annual first-cross ewe sale, with a top price of $426 a head achieved for 210 1.5-year-olds.

The ewes were sold by MR & JY Hancock to LMB Hamilton.

A further 155 ewe lambs were sold by Wimmera Downs for $356.

The record prices beat last year's sale, which saw 1.5-year-old ewes go for $388.

The price was just shy of the record set at Bendigo of $444 the week before, which was beaten at Naracoorte, SA, the same day as Edenhope's sale.

Rodwells livestock agent David Hanel said the one and 1.5-year-old ewes averaged $386, while ewe lambs sold for $298.

"There was very strong buying support from local, western district and South Australian buyers," Mr Hanel said.

"All classes were keenly sought after, driven by good feed and good returns on lambs and mutton."

He said the market was being driven by other sales, particularly Bendigo and those in NSW.

Mr Hanel said the sheep presented in very good condition.

"We may have had a touch tougher winter, with a lack of sun, but there has been plenty of feed and sunshine and feed since," he said.

"To their testament, the sheep presented very well."

In the one and 1.5-year-old ewe section, JS & EM Staude sold 101 1-year-old ewes for $422 and 198 1.5-year-olds for $420, while Mount Yulong sold 170 1.5-year-old ewes for $140, and JTB & RE Heard sold 253 1.5-year-old ewes for $402.

Wimmera Downs sold a pen of 129 1.5-year-old ewes for $398, while WT & JM McClure sold 244 1-year-old ewes for $396, and AT & RA Bradley sold 194 1-year-old ewes for $360.

In the ewe lambs, Stobo Farms sold a pen of 199 for $354, S&N Dearden sold 199 for $344, WD & PK Caldow sold 158 for $342, and Westwood sold 297 for $340.

WD, RG & NW Robinson sold a pen of 231 ewe lambs for $312, while RT & SJ McClure sold 173 for $310 and JTB & RE Heard sold 160 for $301.

WT & JM McClure sold a pen of 247 ewe lambs for $298, and WH Kealy sold 144 for $284.


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