Kyneton heads to 600c/kg

The days of cheap cattle are over, as Kyneton follows the rising trend

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TOP SALE: Kyneton followed the trend of other store sales, around Victoria, climbing steadly towards 600cents/kilogram, for lighter steers.

TOP SALE: Kyneton followed the trend of other store sales, around Victoria, climbing steadly towards 600cents/kilogram, for lighter steers.


Kyneton continues to climb, in line with store cattle sales around the state.


Kyneton climbed closer to the 600cents/kilogram barrier, at the October monthly store cattle sale.

Agents yarded 500 head of cattle.

McGrath Rodwells' Kieran McGrath said the top pen sold for 590c/kg.

"It can happen here, as well as anywhere else - we had plenty of meat buyers and feedlotters here," Mr McGrath said.

"The days of wanting a few cheap cattle are over, at least for now."

Dean Coxon, Elders, said it was probably as dear a sale as had been seen at Kyneton for a long time.

"Our steers made from 400-500c/kg, probably more on the ones that weren't weighed," Mr Coxon said.

"Heifers made from 400-450c/kg in a sale where all vendors would have been extremely happy.

"Any cattle under 270-280kg would have been over 500c/kg, especially the blacks."

He said vendors did not present many 16-18-month-old cattle, with most stock ranging in a tight band from 300-400kg.

"Anyone who has had them has cashed them in because they have been worth so much money," Mr Coxon said.

He predicted a "good run of weaners" at the November sale.

Mr Coxon said there was significant local competition, as well as bids from Hopkins River, Westside Meats, Ballarat, Korumuburra, Bendigo and Pakenham.

"Most of our cattle were over 300kg, there were not a lot of little cattle around, we have more grass than we know what to do with," he said.

"The market is very dear and we are trending with other selling centres."

He said producers were now holding onto their smaller cattle.

John Robson, Nutrien Ag Solutions, said the sale was very strong, from top to bottom.

"I reckon we had one pen of steers which were 225 to 230kg, and I think they still made $1290," Mr Robson said.

Holcombe Park sold four steers, 440kg, for $1810, or 411c/kg.

Brett Adams sold eight Hereford/Angus-cross steers, 394kg, for $1770, or 449c/kg.

Grant Adams, sold 16 Belgian Blue/Angus cross steers ranging from $1400-1590, for 430-466c/kg.

Attwood sold seven steer weaners, 279kg, for $1460, or 524c/kg.

Heather Wright sold a pen of Red Angus steers, 220kg, for $1300, or 590c/kg.

Fellcroft, Newham, sold eight Banquet-blood Angus steers, 342kg, for $1680, or 491c/kg.

The Grange sold 11 Adameluca-blood steers, 446kg, for $1910, or 428c/kg.

Gradamier Beef sold 13 Angus and Black Baldy heifers, 407kg, for $1630, or 400c/kg.

M Buttigieg sold five Angus steers, 534kg, for $2100, or 393c/kg.

Martin Knight sold two Angus steers, 332kg, $1450, or 436/kg.

D Harris, seven Angus/Charolais steers, 325kg, $1640, or 504c/kg.

S&A Cooper sold nine steers, 346kg, for $1520, or 439c/kg.

Karoonda sold, four Angus steers, 298kg, for $1590 or 533c/kg.

R. Stin sold three Angus-cross steers, 348kg, for $1560 or 448c/kg.

R Philipps sold nine Limousin-cross steers, 281kg, for $1420 or 505c/kg.

He also sold a pen of five steers, 241kg, $1290.

R Cudlipp sold eight Angus heifers, 389kg, for $1590, or 408c/kg.

K Ellery sold six Angus heifers, 326kg for $1440, or 441c/kg.

S&A Cooper sold four heifers, 334kg, for $1340 or 401c/kg .

D Harris sold four Angus-Charolais heifers, 333kg, or $1380 or 414c/kg.

M Knight sold nine Angus heifers, 270kg, for $1190, or 440ckg.

R Stin sold six Angus heifers, 320kg, for $1340, or 418c/kg.

P Irwin sold eight Angus heifers, 300kg, for $1380 or 460c/kg.

W Gray, sold four Angus heifers, 323kg for $1340, or 414c/kg.

R Mariano sold Angus heifers, 358kg, for $1460, or 408c/kg.

GS Adams sold 15, Belgian Blue/Angus heifers for between $1340-1390, or 421-446c/kg,

Simon Walsh, Trentham, sold 14x14 Merridale and Barwidgee-blood Angus cows and calves, third calvers, with CAF for $3100

Brindabella sold six by six South Devon cows with Limousin calves at foot for $2920.

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