Prices kept rising at Pakenham

Plenty of cattle 500 to 580c/kg at Pakenham


Competition across all categories saw prices reach 600c/kg at Pakenham and cows and calves to $4100.


A yarding of 2600 at the VLE Pakenham saw strong competition from feedlotters and grass finishers that again pushed prices higher.

As well as strong support from throughout Gippsland there was additional buying power from the north east of Victoria.

Elders agent Denis Linley said the highlight of the sale was an annual draft from client Barragunda Estate, Cape Schanck.

"Weight for age, I don't know where you'd find better cattle," he said.

He said it had been a fantastic season where the cattle were run on sand dunes.

"It has been a fantastic autumn, winter and spring and the vendors have cut a lot of lucerne as silage and feeding out during the winter.

"They've had enough feed all the way through and you get the full potential out of the cattle."

The draft was by Innesdale and Franc bulls with a total switch to Franc blood this year.

Mr Linley said draft of 51 steers averaged $1973 and the 37 heifers averaged $1713.

the lead steers comprised 15 that weighed 467 kilograms, and made $2040 or 437c/kg. The seconds of 18 weighed 424kg and sold for $1930 or 455c/kg.

The third line of 18 weighed at 394kg and sold for $1960 or 498c/kg.

"They just fitted in the slot and a pro finisher in South Gippsland bought the second and third pens," he said.

Of the heifer draft the lead pen was 20 at 390kg that made $1750 or 449c/kg. A second line of 17 weighed 364kg made $1670 or 464c/kg.

"It was a credit to the vendors and the breeding," he said.

Everitt Seeley & Bennetts agent Jarrod Bennetts, said the sale was "through the roof".

"Every sale seems to take another step. It was a very good day," he said.

He said they had a great lineup of steers with feedlotters jumping in the right weight range, before the grass finishers took over.

He said Dumbalk View, Nerrena, sold 16 Angus steers, 572kg, that made $2310 or 402c/kg and a second pen of 18 at 525kg that made $2140 or 409c/kg.

B & T Twist, Wesburn, sold 16 at 565kg made $2370 at 419c/kg.

Breeders calves account Narjo Pty Ltd, Catani, forwarded 22 steers, 22-24 months, 538kg, that made $2330.

A consignment of breeder's calves from Lineham Farms, Vervale, saw the lead pen of 22 at 483kg making $2070 or 429c/kg, a second line of 20 at 443kg sold for $1950 or 440c/kg and 11 at 418kg for $1780 or 430c/kg.

In the weaner section T O'Connor had seven steers at 269kg that made $1490 or 562c/kg.

J & A Black, Traralgon South, sold 27 steers, 317kg, for $1620 or 511c/kg.

Glen-Avis, Catani, had a draft of steers and heifers with the lead pen of 21 steers, 344kg making $1760 or 511c/kg, the second of 20 at 306kg sold for $1650 or 539c/kg. The top 22 heifers, 313kg made $1530 or 488c/kg and 19 at 296kg, sold for $1450 or 489c/kg.

K & B Alford, Hillendale, Barongarook, sold 18 Angus and black baldy steers, 258ck, that made $1540 or 596c/kg.

J & S Pastoral sold 13 Angus heifers, 367kg, that made $1550 or 422c/kg.

Alex Scott & Staff livestock manager David Setches, Pakenham, said the market was 20c/kg higher than the last sale.

He said steers in the 300kg to 350kg bracket made 500c/kg to 520c/kg and the heifers were on parity.

Peter Evans, Bass, sold 122 cattle including a pen of 18 steers, 287kg, that made $1560 or 543c/kg and 17 at 250kg that made $1500 or 600c/kg. Heifers in his draft included 19 at 286kg that made $1440, or 503c/kg and 23 at 240kg that made $1340 or 558c/kg.

Geoff Murray, Nar Nar Goon, sold 15 Angus seers, 435kg for $1910 or 439c/kg.

Yulong Farms, Strzlecki, sold 11 steers, 250kg for $1420 or 568c/kg, and 10 heifers, 276kg, that made $1430 or 518c/kg. The same vendor had unweighed heifers at an estimated weight of 215kg that made $1280.

A draft of 40 steers sold account Boundary Park, Woolert, weighed in a range of 500 to 550kg and sold from $2159 to $2350.

Feature of the cows and calves was a line of six Simmental heifers with six autumn-drop calves at foot, and pregnancy tested back in calf, that were offered account the Pratt family, Warragul South, that made $4100.

Sue Stott, Pakenham, sold eighth steers, 540kg, $2150, or 398c/kg.

Tribuzi sold 22 Angus and black baldy steers, 432kg that made $1950 or 451c/kg, and 30 heifers, 390kg, that made $1750 or 448c/kg.

Brian Pitman, Yannathan, sold 19 steers, offered 15 at 411kg selling for $1900 or 462c/kg.

P & J Green had 12 steers, 321kg, selling for $1600 or 498c/kg and 12 heifers, 295kg, that made $1465 or 496c/kg.


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