Rain news lifts lamb prices

Rain and intense competition lifted lamb pricee

John Allen, Byawatha sold 311 June/July 2019-drop ewes with Rocky Point blood by Retallack rams making to $402 at Corowa ewe sale.

John Allen, Byawatha sold 311 June/July 2019-drop ewes with Rocky Point blood by Retallack rams making to $402 at Corowa ewe sale.


Wet conditions are playing havoc with lamb supplies and helping boost prices.


Sheep and lamb markets were characterised by one major centre's yarding falling by 6000 lambs and another registering a slightly increased yarding by 2200 head.

Lambs in the south are not coming forward in big numbers as wet and cold conditions continue leaving young lambs needing some sun on their backs.

While restockers were operating on suitable lines, the trade dominated proceedings and dictated a dearer market overall.

While the excellent season in the south is holding some lambs back, at the Central Victorian Livestock Exchange Ballarat, numbers continue to creep higher.

The Meat & Livestock Australia National Livestock Reporting Service reported the usual buying group attended and operated fully in a stronger market across all categories.

It reported an increase in prices of $10 to $15, selling to a top of $251 for a pen of 86.

Feeders and restockers were again active on the light weight lambs destined to go back to the paddock.

The service reported that lambs under under 20kg sold for $121 to $140, while heavier grades made from $160 to $187.

Lambs suiting "bag lamb" orders under 18kg sold from $98 to $156.

Lambs to the trade weighing 18 to 22kg sold from $148 to $182, 22 to 24kg made from $174 to $205 and 24 to 26kg sold from $195 to $213 with a range of 730c to 863c, to average 795c/kg.

The strong competition flowed through to the sheep market with rate rising $4 to $10.

Lighter weight Merino wethers sold from $97 to $164 and heavier weights from $163 to $237/head with a range of 650c to 690c/kg cw.

The service reported that Bendigo lamb numbers dropped 6000 to 19,000.

They were nearly all woolly young lambs with just a few pens of shorn young lambs available.

Once again competition from meat buyers intensified and exporters led the market to a much dearer result compared to a week ago.

Heavy lambs gained up to $20, while most of the trade and lighter young lambs improved by $8 to $12.

The sale also gained momentum as it progressed, on news that falls of around 70 millimetres of rain in NSW central west was impacting saleyard numbers.

Store buying for smaller lambs under 20kg cwt, were active from Echuca, Shepparton, Bendigo, Wycheproof and Yarrawonga.

The heaviest young lambs over 30kg cwt sold from $235 to a top of $256 for an average of 750c/kg.

The service reported there were sales recorded of more than 800c/kg for the neatest domestic pens, with the pick of the 22 to 24kg young lambs selling from $180 to $195 or 750c to 800c/kg.

Competition for mutton also ramped up, with a northern exporter again dominating.

Good lines of trade and heavy mutton were $12 to $19 dearer, with all grades of Merinos and crossbred sheep averaging over 600c/kg.


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