Montrose Hill rams to $4000

Three Montrose Hill rams hit the top of $4000

TOP: Ron Creek, AWN, Jim & Peter Renkin, Lima, and George McKenzie, and lot 5 sold for $4000.

TOP: Ron Creek, AWN, Jim & Peter Renkin, Lima, and George McKenzie, and lot 5 sold for $4000.


The 20th annual Montrose Hill ram sale achieved a "really" good result for George and Helen McKenzie.


*42 of 59 rams sold to $4000 (three times), av $1601

The annual Montrose Hill Merino and Poll Merino on-property sale made a return to the schedule with three rams topping the sale at $4000.

Stud principals, George and Helen McKenzie, Illabrook, were forced to cancel the 2019 sale, but that did not deter their loyal clients from returning this year.

Mr McKenzie said the rams presented well and the top end of the line-up sold "really well".

He said he was a "bit disappointed" in the clearance rate.

Mr McKenzie said the lineup of rams was their best ever. The growth of the young rams and the way their wool had handled the wet conditions this year.

"They have been on green feed since January but they have stood up to it - as we expect them to," he said.

"With saleyard mutton prices where they are, the Merino enterprise is a good place to be in," he said.

"There's a lot of positives to it. This season is also the best I have seen in may time - one of the greatest seasons of all time."

Mr McKenzie said he was "tickled pink" with the buyers returning after no sale in 2019.

"We are very grateful for the respect the buyers showed in coming back. It was quite gratifying the respect and kindness they have shown us over the past 12 months," he said.

Buyer of all three of the top rams at $4000 each, was return clients Jim and Liz Renkin and family, Lima.

One of the top rams was lot five, a 17.1 micron ram with figures of 2.3 micron standard deviation (SD, and a comfort factor (CF) of 99.8 percent.

Lot two, a 16.9 micron ram with an SD of 2.8 microns and CF of 99.4pc, was also sold for $4000.

The final ram at $4000 was lot 17 a poll ram with a fibre diameter of 15.6 micron, 2.6 micron SD and CF of 99.8pc.

The Renkins purchased six rams in total at an average of $2958.

Mr McKenzie said the Renkins had been buying Montrose Hill rams for 21 years and always in the top end.

Other buyers included Stonyhurst Pastoral, Beeac, that bought five to a top of $2750 and average of $2100.

Mitch Brennan, Ballyrogan, bought three rams to a top of $1750, to average $1500.

Bruce Tiley, Raglan, bought two rams to a top of $2500, averaging $1750.


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