Wurrook rams to $7000, great clearance

Wurrook Merino to $7000, average jumps $400


COVID did not deter the bidding at the Wurrook on-property sale with a 97 per cent clearance achieved.


*104 of 107 rams sold to $7000, av $2858

The annual Wurrook Merino ram sale achieved an excellent clearance of 97 per cent under the hammer on Thursday.

Top price was $7000 for a horned ram which set the tone for the sale an an increase in the average price of around $400 a head.

The sale topper was bought by regular Wurrook clients the Davidson family, Dalveen Parchim, Lake Bolac, through Nutrien Geelong.

Andrew Davidson said the family had been buying from Wurrook for 50 years.

He said the ram was a heavy cutter that would be used in their own stud flock of about 600 ewes.

He said they liked to stick with the horned rams "we don't see a need to change".

"It's horses for course, whatever you prefer," he said.

The Davidsons operate a commercial flock with an average 18.5 micron

Wurrook principal Paul Walton said they were "very happy" with the sale result.

"We were happy with the way they lined up and how even they were," he said.

"We have been taking fewer rams away to sell and keeping more of our better rams on-property. It gives everyone an even go at it.

"We had a couple of new clients, but mostly return buyers - they know what they are getting.

The top ram was a spring 2018-drop ram by Merryville Tom and had figures of 19.4 micron, a standard deviation (SD) of 3.1 micron and comfort factor (CF) of 99.5 per cent. He had a greasy fleece weight (GFW) of 140pc.

Barwonleigh Ag through Nutrien Bannockburn, bought three rams to an average of $5500.

Their top purchase at $6750, was lot four a poll ram by Rock-Bank Rafer. The ram had a micron of 19.3 micron, a GFW of 115pc, SD of 2.5 micron and CF of 99.8pc.

The same buyer also took the next poll ram n offer, lot six, for $5250. The ram had a GFW of 106, 19.7 micron fleece, SD of 3.3 micron and CF of 99.4pc.

Their third ram was lot three, at $4500 for a horned ram with a 19.4 micron fleece, a GFW of 135pc, SD of 2.8 micron and CF of 99.7pc.

The Glen Brothers through Arcadian, snapped up lot one of the sale, a horned ram with a 17.8 micron fleece, a GFW of 115pc, SD of 2.3 micron and CF of 99.8pc.

Elders Kyneton was active on behalf of clients taking a total of 16 rams.

M & F Pilley through Elders Mudgee, took a liking to four rams in succession paying to a top of $5000 twice and averaging $4000 across the four.

The first to reach $5000 was lot 21 a ram with a 18.2 micron fleece, GFW of 116pc, SD of 2.5 micron and CF of 99.7pc. Lot 22 had a 16.6 micron fleece, GFW of 111pc, SD of 2.2 micron and CF of 99.7pc.

The Grant Partnership through Elders Ballarat, bought rams to a top of $5500 for lot 27 a horned ram with a micron of 16.4, a GFW of 105pc, SD of 2.4 micron, and CF of 99.8pc.

MJ Cheesman, through Elders Ballarat, paid to a top of $5000 for two rams. The top lot was a horned ram with a micron of 16.5, a GFW of 119pc an SD of 2.4 micron and CF of 100pc.

A volume buyer was the Devondale Family Trust through Fox & Lillie, Hamilton, buying 11 rams at an average of $2091.


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