Casterton steers to 530c/kg

Casterton yarding averages 437c/kg


Casterton's annual spring sale saw steers to 530c/kg and heifers to 479c/kg.


The complete yarding of 676 store cattle at Casterton averaged 437 cents a kilogram, or $1512 a head.

The annual spring store sale saw a mixed yarding of cattle that sold to strong competition both in-person and online through AuctionsPlus.

It was the centre's first sale since the January weaner sales, but was quoted as at similar levels to sales across western Victoria.

Grown steers made mainly 390 to 490 cents a kilogram with weaner steers mainly selling in a range of 432c/kg to 510c/kg with a top of 530c/kg.

Grown heifers sold mainly in a range of 383c/kg to 450c/kg with a top of 466c/kg. Weaner heifers made from 418 to 451c/kg with a top of 479c/kg.

Elders auctioneer Sam Broomby, Casterton, said said it was a "very, very good sale - a lot better than we were all expecting", he said.

He said it compared favorably with other sales, if not slightly better.

"We might not have had the quality that some other centres have had, but the prices were similar, if not a fraction better," he said.

There were a lot of backgrounders operating, "with plenty of grass about south-east SA and Victoria pushing that along".

Nutrien auctioneer, Greg Bright, said the online platform had helped the job along.

He said the sale was extremely strong with the south east of SA and south west of Victoria lending most support.

Mr Bright said AuctionsPlus definitely assisted the sale.

Feedlotters were also active on suitable cattle.

In the heavy steers a pen of 11 Herefords account Blue Gums, 16-18 months, 505kg, that made 393c/kg.

Three Hereford steers account Sunningdale weighed 580kg and made 389c/kg or $2256. The same vendor had a pen of five Hereford heifers, 18-20mths, that weighed 402kg and sold for 402c/kg or $1616.

Cherrymount offered a pen of four grown Hereford steers, 462kg, that made 411c/kg or $1900, and 12 grown Hereford heifers, 464kg, that made 404c/kg or $1875.

Wando Ponds sold a consignment that included a pen of four Angus steers, 16-18mths, weighing 467kg, that made 425c/kg or $1986. They also had a pen of nine, 366kg, that made 450c/kg or $1650 and nine heifers, 364kg, that made 429c/kg or $1562.

Boonaroo Partnership forwarded mixed sex Angus with the lead pen of steers comprising nine weighing 377kg making 460c/kg, or $1737, while a pen of 10, at 340kg, made 491c/kg or $1696. The heifer portion included 14 at 326kg that made 466c/kg or $1521 and 11 at 342kg tha sold for 456c/kg or $1562.

A draft sold account Struan comprised Herefords, 15-16mths, including a pen of 32, at 398kg, selling for 431c/kg or $1717, 25 at 370kg, for 438c/kg, or $1624 and 10 at 346kg that made 51c/kg or $1563. The heifer portion included a pen of 17 at 314kg that made 430c/kg, or $1350 and six at 260kg for 409c/kg or $1063.

Petex Park sold lines including nine at 330kg for 484c/kg or $1597, and five at 260kg for 501c/kg or $1307. They also sold 12 heifers, 309kg, for 445c/kg or $1375 and seven at 240kg for 424c/kg or $1017.

Carinya sold a pen of six steers, 323kg for 481c/kg or $1555 and four at 395kg that made 444c/kg or $1580.

This pen of Angus and Angus/Hereford cross steers, account Dinwooly, 12-13mths, weighed 288kg and sold for 526c/kg or $1516. They also had 12 Herefords at, 329kg, that made 480c/kg, or $1580. Heifers from Dinwooly included a pen of seven, at 321kg that made 436c/kg or $1401.

Baroona sold 15 steers, 335kg, for 478c/kg, or $1602.

A draft sold account The Gums included a pen of nine weaner steers, 222kg, that sold for 515c/kg, or $1144, and 10 heifers, 403kg, that made 392c/kg or $1583.

Six light steers account Cawdor, weighing 230kg sold for a top of 530c/kg or $1227.

In the heifer section Nacooma Estate offered a pen of 22 Angus and Angus-cross, 10-12mths, weaned 10 weeks, 275kg, that made 479c/kg or $1319 and 12 at 303kg, that made 451c/kg, or $1368.

Murray Grey and Angus-cross heifers, 12-13mths, not station mated, sold account Phoines, sold in lines including 21 that weighed 332kg,and made 448c/kg or $1489, while 12 at 341kg made 444c/kg or $1517 and 12 at 318kg sold for 429c/kg or $1365.


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