Mortlake light steers to 596c/kg, most 450-470c

Strong demand pushed Mortlake steer prices to 596c/kg


Buyers from across north east and the western districts competed with online bidders at Mortlake.


The October Western Victorian Livestock Exchange store sale was judged an absolute success as cattle showed good health even though numbers were slightly back on previous months.

A total of 1699 cattle were penned with the best portion of the yarding good quality while there was also a representation of plainer quality stock yarded.

Mortlake Associated Agents president Alister Nash, said the sale was strong with a good crowd of buyers present.

Those physically at the sale included feedlotters, processors, commission buyers from a wide area and strong local and regional support.

Mr Nash said the feature of the bidding was the support from bidders via AuctionsPlus.

He said 540 bids were placed via online on 90 different lots of the 199 lots sold.

There were 297 registered buyers, 13 active bidders and six successful bidders with 12% of the yarding being purchased online.

Mr Nash said the influence was also in being the underbidder on a large number of lots.

He said the quality of the lead pens remained good but some lines showed the impact of being the third and fourth draft to come forward.

"People are cleaning up because of the price - taking the money," he said.

The bulk of grown steers made from 400-430 cents a kilogram with a top of 451c/kg. Top on a per head basis was $2073.

Weaner steers averaged 450-470c/kg, with a top of 596c/kg and open auction to a top of $1300.

Grown heifers topped out at 432c/kg while on a per head basis the best was $1833.

Mr Nash said the bulk of these made between 380-400c/kg.

Weaner heifers old mostly between 400-440c/kg with a top of 466c/kg and open auction pens made to a top of $1270.

There were just short of 100 cows and calves on offer and despite the quality not being as strong the bulk made between $2200-$2500 with a top of $3430.

There was a large offering of cross-bred and Friesian steers with the heavies making between 340c/kg to 360c/kg, to a top of 380c/kg. Light steers under 400kg averaged between 360-380c/kg, with top pen making to 430c/kg. Friesian steers averaged between 310c/kg to 330c/kg with a top of 342c/kg.

The best presented pen of weaner steers was forwarded by K. Massey & A Slee on their pen of 19 Angus weaner steers, weighing 367kg, 11-12 months, that made 478c/kg, or $1757.

RA Haworth & VL Jones had the best presented pen of heifers with their draft of 15 Angus, The heifers weighed 439kg and made 408c/kg, or$1793.

The same vendor sold seven grown steers, 460kg, for 421c/kg, or $1939.

A pen of eight grown heifers, 436kg, sold account EA & BM Bodey made 442c/kg, or $1928.

Dunkeld Pastoral forwarded a draft that included 130 heifers and 52 steers. The heifer portion topped at 408c/kg or $1702 for a pen weighing 417kg for a pen of 16. Best per head was a pen of 10 at $1994.

The steer portion sold to a top of 26 weighing 428kg that sold for 426c/kg of $1825.

Top of the steers on a per head basis was a pen of 11, 22-23 months, account HR & BA Beach, that weighed 477kg and made $2073 or 434c/kg.

The top pen of steers per kilogram was a pen of 29, account Mt Myrtoon Trust, 11-12mths, that weighed that weighed 195kg and sold for 596c/kg or $1166. The same vendor sold eight at 229kg for 520c/kg, or $1192.

Seventeen steers, 10-12mths, sold account LA & JN Cunneen, weighed 305kg and made 480c/kg or $1464. The forwarded heifers also with nine at 272kg making 434c/kg or $1181.

The Point Pastoral had a pen of nine weaner steers, 307kg, that made 480c/kg or $1477, while S Gibbons sold nine, 298kg, for 479c/kg or $1429.

Hereford steers sold account JS Baulch, at 290kg, sold for 480c/kg, or $1395, while seven account A Larson, 334kg, sold for 466c/kg or $1557.

R & A Bullen had 11 weaner steers, 362kg, that made 454c/kg or $1644.

A pen of steers, 15-16mths, 359kg, sold account B Kent, for 451c/kg or $1620. The same vendor had weaner steers including eight, at 228kg, that made 500c/kg or $1143 and seven at 300kg, that made 474c/kg or $1422.

P Allen yarded 12 weaner steers, 321kg, that made 478c/kg or $1535 and a second pen of 11 at 325kg that reached 470c/kg or $1527.

The Murnane Family Trust had a pen of 20 steers, 410kg, that sold for 441c/kg or $1796.

Thirty-seven steers over two pens sold account Yera Estate, weighed 408kg, and sold for 440c/kg or an average of nearly $1805.

Eleven grown heifers sold account A Kelly weighed 480kg and sold for 382c/kg or $1833.

Nine Charolais-cross heifer, 351kg, sold account JA Fraser Holdings for 440c/kg or $1547.

A pen of seven Charolais/Santa Gertrudis-cross heifers, 6-8mths, sold account Gnawarre Partnership, weighed 277kg and made 466c/kg or $1294.

K & J Ferrari sold two pens of weaner heifers, 10-12mths, with one pen of 19, at 262kg making 460c/kg or $1205 and a pen of 22 at 306kg selling for 440c/kg or $1349.

The top cows and calves at $3430 was a pen of three Belgium Blue females sold account McNamara and rejoined to Speckle Park bull.


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