Glenpaen rams sell to top of $9500, av $3063

Repeat volume buyers dominated Glenpaen sale


Glenpean rams sold to $9500 at it 24th annual on-property sale, dominated by repeat buyers and those chasing volume.


*91 of 112 rams sold to $9500, av $3063

A lift in average price by around $700 a head to $3093 was a "great day" according to Glenpaen Merino and Poll Merino stud principal Rod Miller.

It was the 24th annual sale of Glenpaen on behalf of Rod and Sue and Harry Miller.

Mr Miller said they were "very happy" with the result with 91 rams sold under the hammer but with all but seven rams sold immediately after.

He said they offered the same number as 2019, "but you've got to pass a few in to know you're putting up enough rams".

He said woolgrowers understood that the rams they were buying now would be young ewes in 2022, "and if it wasn't for the coronavirus I am sure the wool job would be still going well and by 2022 we will be back on track".

"You can't stop. Plus we've had a few good years and the mutton job is pretty good," he said.

Prior to the auction Mr Miller said it was "mind blowing" to see the crowd.

"It still blows me away to see that people think our sheep are good enough to buy," he said.

This year's preparation of the sale had been difficult with a leg injury he sustained as well as the coronavirus and the rain in recent days, he said.

"Huge thankyou to family and friends to make it possible."

Mr Miller said they were pushing the poll side "pretty hard because that's the way of the future".

"We are getting there slowly on the polls. The wools are getting better and there is a bit more nourishment in our polls than usual," he said.

"Any feedback - good or bad - that helps us improve."

It was the third year in succession that Pomonal sheep producer Rod Marshall, Kiahbarree, bought the top priced ram.

In 2018 he paid then top price of $6500 and $7000 for his choice in 2019 before taking this year's mantle at $9500.

The top ram was lot five a poll ram by a Kamora Netley sire and had figures of 18.4 micron, standard deviation (SD) of 2.4 per cent, co-efficient variation (CV) of 13pc and comfort factor (CF) of 99.9pc.

It wasn't until lot 1000 when the second top price was set at $9000 being purchased account Modbury Holdings. The ram was by a Mount Yulong sire and had a micron of 18.3, an Sd of 3pc, a CV of 16.4pc and a CF of 99.5pc.

Grant Partners, Raglan, bought five rams and paid to $7500 for lot 13, to $6000 each for lots 19 and 25. Lot 13 was by a Snowvale sire and had a SD of 3.1pc, CV of 15.6pc and CF of 99.6pc with a 19.9 micron fleece. Lot 19 was a horned ram measuring 17.7 micron, 2.4pc SD, 13.6pc CV and a CF of 100pc. Lot 25 was a poll ram by a Coblin Park sire with a 19.9 micron fleece, 2.7pc SD, 13.6pc CV and 99.8pc CF.

Cortina Pastoral, Lucindale, SA, paid to a top of $6500 for a draft of 10 rams to average $4000.

The top lot was a 17.1 micron ram with an SD of 2.7pc, CV of 15.8pc and a CF of 99.7pc.

A second volume buyer was Manuka Farming, whho took home nine rams paying to $6000 and averaging $4027 a head. The top price was for lot 10 a 15.7 micron horned ram with an Sd of 2.4pc, CV of 15.3pc and a CF of 99.7pc.

Rutlands Pastoral, Vite Vite North, purchased three rams with a top of $7000 for lot nine. The ram was a horned ram measuring 19.1 micron, with an SD of 2.5pc, CV of 12pc and a CF of 100pc.


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