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SALE TOPPER: The top selling stud ram.

SALE TOPPER: The top selling stud ram.


Derrynock's near total clearance, after strong online support.

The sale topping ram

*25 of 25 stud rams sold to $16,000, av $6220

*40 of 40 stud ewes sold to $900, av $521

*114 of 120 flock rams sold, av $1816

* 47 of 60 meat maternal rams sold, av $1803

A freezing cold day, rain and mud, failed to deter onsite buyers at Derrynock Poll Dorset's 23rd annual sale, with additional support coming from bidders on AuctionsPlus.

Derrynock's Ted Beattie said while some Victorian buyers were able to attend the East Trentham sale in person, he felt the AuctionsPlus clientele "got us over the line.

The top-priced ram went to David Webb, a Seymour breeder.

"He was a very, very correct ram, very strong, he stood up very well and he looked terrific, on the day," Mr Beattie said.

"He certainly made his money."

Lot 49 was sired by Old Woombi 42/15, out of D 822/16.

He had a birth weight of 0.48kilograms, a weaning weight of 11.3kg and a post-weaning weight of 17.2kg.

He measured -0.1 for post-weaning fat, and had a post-weaning eye muscle depth of 2.9 millimetres.

The ram had a carcase plus of 220.1 and a terminal carcase production value of 146.0.

Mr Beattie said the rams were all paddock reared and were not housed.

"They all run in the one mob, in the paddock," he said.

"We just keep doing what we have been doing, we've been doing it for 54 years, so I don't think we will make too much change."

Elders Kyneton Dean Coxon, said it was a freezing cold day, with rain and mud.

"Derrynock has always had good support from interstate, but a lot of those people have gone to AuctionsPlus, which was good," Mr Coxon said.

"It was a very strong sale, especially given the COVID situation."

Mr Coxon said it was hard to fault the Derrynock rams.

"They are very popular, within the stud side of things, their growth, their figures, are at the very top end.

"So for anyone that wants to keep figures up, or wants to get sheep to a new level, they can do it pretty quickly with Derrynock genetics."

He said many Derrynock buyers were looking to breed a lamb that could go into the wool at 22kilograms, as a trade lamb.

"They need that elite growth with muscle."

Volume buyers included the De Fegely Partnership, Dobie, (15) ID and SK James, Henty (16) Kobyboyn Partnership, Seymour , EJ and SK McGrath, Strathdownie and V&R Dawson (11 each) SN and MA Rundell, Condah (10).

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