It's raining grass and confidence at Euroa

Euroa store sale continues to climb, on the back of good rainfall

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STRONG RUN: Euroa continued its strong run in October. File photo.

STRONG RUN: Euroa continued its strong run in October. File photo.


October store sale one of Euroa's dearest ever, says Mawson.


The October Euroa store sale reached "stratospheric" heights, as buyers threw away their calculators, according to agents.

The yarding saw more than 60 registered buyers bidding on 1450 cattle, with prices for lighter animals hitting the high 500cents/kilogram.

Most of the cattle on offer ranged in weight from 270-490 kilograms.

Russell Mawson, Nutrien Ag, said he thought it was one of the dearest sales Euroa had ever experienced.

"It's raining grass and raining confidence," Mr Mawson said.

"Everybody has got grass, and everybody wants to put something on it"

He said buyers came from as far away as Gippsland to NSW.

"You had Elders Korumburra, buying the top end, keeping it relatively strong

"You had a couple of feedlots, as usual, and Duncan Brown, and his quote to me was "well you've won this round'.

"There were a lot of local and regional restockers - they've got feed now and they have all got a lot of confidence."

Steers sold from 380 cents/kilogram to more than 500c/kg, with several pens of lighter stock going for between 519c/kg and 579/ckg.

Heifers sold for up to 525c/kg, for a pen of 25, averaging 283kg.

"There were plenty of weaner type steers doing 500-530c/kg and when you got onto the heifer job, they were 380-500c/kg."

He said between 200-300 calves, which would normally go to Euroa's Black Friday sale, were drafted.

"Why wouldn't you turn them off early?

"When you quote Kalimna with, 344kg steers, at $1650, why wouldn't you take that?

"If you hold them you aren't going to get one dollar more."

"The feed has been so good, the calves have got the weight."

He said there would not be the big overflow, Euroa normally experienced

"There was a good run of heavy cattle, and a ripping run of weaner calves - they looked good."

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Scott Meehan, Rodwells, said he didn't think he'd seen a season as good as this one, in 20 years.

"We all thought that there is a peak it was going to get to, but it's going again, and it's all driven by rain, and the rain that's coming," Mr Meehan said.

"People are getting good value for their fat stock, so they are buying, it's just a perfect time to replace stock as they have the grass."

He said Elders Leongatha put a floor in the heavier steers, with locals bidding up on the lighter cattle.

"They snapped up those smaller, younger calves" he said.

Joe Allen, Elders, said sales were into the "stratosphere", with 200-300kg steers selling for more than 500c/kg.

Heavier cattle sold from $100 to $150 dearer, while there was strong competition for cows with spring-dropped calves.

"Everyone is pleased with the prices they are getting, at the moment," Mr Allen said.

"We are getting to the stage, at the end of year, when those heavier cattle won't be around.

"Cattle from 350 to 400kg are in the feedlot, or the paddock, they are not in the saleyards."

There had been strong support from Goulburn Valley producers at recent sales.

"They are throwing calculator out the window, they have ' x dollars' to work with and they want little calves."

R Hobbs, Kithbrook, sold a pen of 11 Black Baldys, 532kg, for $2000, or 375c/kg.

Kalimna sold 16 Margni Park-blood Angus weaner steers, six to seven months old, 344kg for $1650, or 479c/kg.

They also sold a pen of 18 heifers, 346kg, for $1630, or 471c/kg and a third pen of females, 289kg, for $1340, or 463c/kg.

Lock-A-Bar sold their first pen of 24 Alpine Angus and Welcome Swallow-blood steers, 383kg, for $1790, or 386c/kg.

A second pen of 24, 383kg, sold for $1710, or 446c/kg.

Arcadia Farms, Seymour , sold its first pen of 20 Angus and Angus-Shorthorn-cross steers, five to seven months old, 296kg, for $1550, or 523c/kg.

Its second pen of 20, 253kg, sold for $1470, or 581c/kg.

Oxton, Euroa, sold a pen of 16 Merridale and Margni Park-blood steers, 302kg, for $1550, or 513c/kg.

The second pen of 12 seven-eight month old steers, 270kg, sold for $1510, or 559c/kg.

Godolphin Trading, Ruffy, sold a pen of 10 Glentrevor-blood Poll Hereford steers, 377kg, for $1690 or 448c/kg.

J & D Gall, Sheans Creek, sold nine Newblax-blood Angus steers, 397kg, for $1750, or 440c/kg.

Tim Clarke, Pranjip Park, Wahring, sold 15 Newnham Angus-blood steers, eight-nine months old, 291kg, for $1550, or 532c/kg.

A second pen of 10, 257kg, sold for $1490, or 579c/kg.

Dropmore Pastoral sold five Connamara-blood steers, 460kg, for $1720, or 373c/kg.

Verge Pastoral, May Park, Gooram sold 10 Dunoon-blood steers, 407kg, for $1860, or 457c/kg.

Watson Park sold 18 Angus steers, 271kg, for $1480, or 546c/kg.

Upson Downs, Broadford, sold 15 Highland Velvet-blood steers, 257kg, for $1490, or 579c/kg.

M Lombardozzi, sold a pen of 17 Hereford heifers, 458kg, for $1690, or 368c/kg.

Brookvale sold a pen of nine grown Witherswood-blood heifers, 426kg, for $1710, or 402c/kg.

Gibson Park sold 16 Charolais weaner heifers, 397kg, for $1650, or 415c/kg.

Arcadia's pen of 19 heifers, 282kg, sold for $1350, or 478c/kg.

Their seconds, a pen of 25, 251kg, sold for $1320, or 525c/kg.

Upson Down's pen of 19 weaner heifers, unweighed, sold for $1260.

Fredlim, Caniambo sold 11 x 11 second and third calver cows and calves for $2900.

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