Hamilton weaners to 534c/kg

Red hot Hamilton steers top at 534c/kg, heifers 498c/kg


A quality yarding of cattle and a top lineup of buyers created a strong Hamilton market.


A yarding of 1680 cattle at Hamilton attracted a strong crowd and matching prices.

There were many highlights with grown Angus and Angus-cross heifers sold from 380 cents a kilogram to 444c/kg, or $1200 to $1900..Herefords sold fro 390c/kg to 433c/kg or $1323 to $1500.

Weaner Angus heifers sold in a range of 400c/kg to 485c/kg or $1200 to $1460.

Of the grown Angus and Angus-cross steers most sold from 380c/kg to 471c/kg or $1480 to $2273. The Hereford and Hereford-cross grown steers sold from 390c/kg to 442c/kg or $1400 to $2250.

In the Angus weaner steers topped at 534c/kg and made to a top of $1887 a head. Hereford weanes sold from 390c/kg to 498c/kg and up to $1624 a head.

Across the yarding of steers and heifers the average price was 441c/kg.

A number of feedlotters and processors were active.

Commission buyers and agents from across the state attended adding to a strong local buying pool.

AuctionsPlus had six active bidders with four successful in purchasing a total of 187 head , or 11 per cent of the yarding. They were also losing bidder on a further 9pc.

Elders auctioneer Aaron Malseed, Hamilton, said the sale was "absolutely red hot".

He said the depth of buyers was outstanding.

When you have the heavy cattle making to $2200 in a store sale "It's good money".

"The the weaner calves were making 500c/kg for those better types," he said.

"Overall it was just a red hot sale, decent buying support and decent cattle from start to finish."

Lanyons auctioneer Warren Clark, said it was the first sale at Hamilton since the weaner sales and was in line with other centres.

"It was certainly the best sale I have ever sold at in Hamilton, he said.

The heifers in particularly good - "off the planet".

"I was the strongest field of buyers I have seen here," he said.

"We only sold one pen of cattle at under 400c/kg," he said.

"It's just incredible money."

The heavy steer section was dominated by Don Bowman of Elders Korumburra buying for grassfed bullock fattenners.

Top of the sale on a per head basis was a pen of 19 steers 560kg sold account Calcarab that made $2273 a head. The same vendor sold a pen of 14 weighing 493kg that made $2035.

Glynbrae Pastoral sold a draft of heavy steers with the top pen on a per head basis being 15 at $2241, with a second pen of 10 making $2123.

A pen of nine steers account Willder weighed 503kg and sold for 408c/kg or $2053.

Glenlea sold a pen of 11 steers, 388kg that sold for 438c/kg or $1700. The same vendor had weaner steers that weighed 342kg and sold for 473c/kg or $1621.

In the heifer section Glenlea sold 16 at 390kg for 431c/kg or $1684 and 21 at 358kg for 438c/kg or $1571. A light pen of eight, 308kg, sold for 444c/kg or $1388.

Fourteen steers account Windy Hill weighed 409kg and made 434c/kg or $1776, while they also penned weaner steers comprising 11 that weighed 337c/kg and sold for 484c/kg or $1634. A second line of their weaners comprised 11 that weighed 278kg and sold for 475c/kg or $1323.

A pen of 20 Hereford steers, 376kg, sold account Giant Rock, made 442c/kg or $1665.

Narrapumelup sold a pen of 19 steers, 437kg that sold for 435c/kg or $1902.

A line of steers account Dalma included a pen of 15, at 414kg, that made 438c/kg or $1816. A second pen of nine weighed 405kg and sold for 430c/kg or $1741 while a lighter pen of 24 at 357kg sold for 450c/kg or $1608.

A consignment from The Hummocks topped at 534c/kg for a 43 that weighed 281kg, or $1504. They also sold 65 in two pens ranging from 312 to 322kg and making 526c/kg or $1641 to $1697.

In the weaner steer section a pen of 15 account Mount Napier North, 297kg, sold for 509c/kg, or $1511. The same vendor sold 19 weaner heifers, 290kg, for 464c/kg or $1349 and 13 at 269kg for 485c/kg or $1305.

A pen of 23 steers account Willvercity, 291kg, sold for 501c/kg, or $1470 and 13 at 355kg, made 488c/kg or $1732.

J & H Jenkinson, sold 12 at 280kg for 502c/kg, or $1407

A pen of 22 sold account AW & T Johnson, 294kg, sold for 501c/kg, or $1475.

Orana Park's steers topped at 498c/kg, or $1476, for a pen of 19 at 296kg. A second pen of 12 at 342kg made 454c/kg or $1554.

A pen of 15 Hereford steers account RS Rundell & Sons, 293kg, sold for 498c/kg, or $1459

Wannawong sold 23 at 314kg for 488c/kg or $1532. It's weaner heifers comprised a pen of 32, at 266kg that made 478c/kg or $1271.

Jigsaw Farms sold 14 at 324kg that made 481c/kg or $1561.

Orabanda sold a pen of 20 weaner steers, 345kg, for 477c/kg or $1648.

A pen of 16 steers account Gordon weighed 365kg and sold for 471c/kg or $1726.

Whitby sold seven steers, 302kg, for 452c/kg, or $1365.

Twelve steers account Poplar Hills, 312kg, made 470c/kg, or $1466.

Ayrhaven sold eight heifers, 417kg, for 426c/kg or $1778

A pen of grown heifers account Goodman sold to $1701 for five at 414kg or 411c/kg.

The Valley forwarded 19 heifers, 377kg, that made 423c/kg or $1597.

Nine heifers account DA Ball, 450kg, made 390c/kg, or $1755.

A pen of eight grown heifers, 454kg, account Cadell made 418c/kg or $1899.

Baanga sold two pens of heifers with the top 20 at 405kg making 426c/kg or $1726.

.IR & NR Grigg sold 13 at 244kg that made 450c/kg or $1099.


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