Euroa females average $2075 online

Euroa unjoined heifers to $1730, cows & calves $3300

FUTURE BREEDERS: AR & JE Neander, Benalla, sold Angus heifers, unjoined, 12-13 months old, by Banquet bulls, that sold to $1720.

FUTURE BREEDERS: AR & JE Neander, Benalla, sold Angus heifers, unjoined, 12-13 months old, by Banquet bulls, that sold to $1720.


Future breeders sold to strong demand at the Nutrien Ag feature female sale.


A yarding of 973 cattle were offered for sale via AuctionsPlus at the Nutrien feature female twilight sale Thursday.

Nutrien Ag's Brad Gleeson, Euroa, said the sale featured mainly pregnancy tested in calf heifers, as well as a good line up of cows and calves and joined and unjoined heifers from Nutrien Ag and its joint venture partners.

There were 495 heifers yarded, 235 cows with calves at foot, 179 cows and 64 yearling heifers.

He said the buyers came from a wide area with Bowyer and Livermore, Bathhurst, NSW, buying cows and calves and unjoiined heifers.

PTIC heifers sold locally as well as to Ballarat and Wodonga.

Mr Gleeson said the PTIC cattle bought for locals would go into start-up herds or to replace older cows that had been sold "at good money".

He said the sale had moved quickly and achieved a 90 per cent clearance.

The joined heifers sold from $1800 to $2500, depending on type, whether they were vendor-bred and weight.

He said the joined heifers were all joined for an autumn-calving so were five months away from getting a calf on the ground.

A feature of the sale was AR & JE Neander, Benalla, who offered a draft of future breeders comprising Angus heifers, unjoined, 12-13 months old, by Banquet bulls.

Lot 49 of the Neander heifers comprised 23, average weight of 383kg, that sold for $1720. The remainder sold as lot 50 comprising 27 head, 363kg, that sold for $1650.

Of the cows with calves at foot, noteworthy pens included a consignment forwarded by AF Sheridan & Partners, Wuk Wuk, Gippsland.

The line was 34-36 months old with calves, one to four weeks old at foot.

The cows were purchased across the Walcha district of NSW in September 2019 to replace breeders that were sold due to the drought East Gippsland had experienced over previous years.

The line sold in two lots with one of 23 selling for $3300 and a second lot of 20, same description, selling for $3000.

A pen of 12 three-year-old cows with two to three month old calves at foot sold account Riseley Contracting, Hillside, Gippsland, and made $3000.

Glenburn Station, Glenburn, offered a pen of seven cows, 45-46 months, with seven calves, four to five months old at foot (average weight 225kg), that sold for $2720.

A draft of 21 PTIC cows to Merridale blood bulls, was offered account Kilcoolin Holdings, Kilcoolin, Euroa. The pen of four-year-old cows were station mated, with the bulls going in on June 2 and removed on August 18 and sold for $2600,

PTIC heifers sold to $2480 for a pen of 34, 26-27 months old, offered account Tom Park, Alexandra.

WR Fern, Barool, Highlands, sold a pen of 34 heifers, 18-19 months, Banquet blood, and PTIC to Kelly Full Power P244. The pen sold for $2280.


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