Water availability creeps up

Further encouraging increases in the level of high reliability water shares

WATER AVAILABILITY: Availability of high-reliability water shares has again increased.

WATER AVAILABILITY: Availability of high-reliability water shares has again increased.


No substantial rain but seasonal determinations continue to improve.


There's been a further increase in the availability of high-reliability water shares.

Northern Victoria resource manager Mark Bailey said the Murray system moves from 32 per cent of high-reliability water shares (HRWS) to 36 per cent HRWS.

The Goulburn and Loddon systems increase from 47pc to 51 per cent HRWS.

The Campaspe system moves from 68pc HRWS to 74 per cent HRWS, while the Broken system increases from 63pc HRWS to 72pc HRWS.

Seasonal determinations in the Bullarook system remain unchanged at 100 per cent HRWS and 100 per cent of low-reliability water shares.

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Rain lifts seasonal irrigation supplies slightly

Dr Bailey said resources continued to improve, despite a lack of substantial rain in recent weeks.

"The flows into the storages were higher than our conservative estimates over the last fortnight," Dr Bailey said.

"This was the main contribution to the increased seasonal determinations announced today."

Dr Bailey welcomed the full establishment of the early season reserve in the Goulburn system, which is designed to ensure there is sufficient water available to operate the system and deliver carried over allocation next season.

"Future resource improvements in the Goulburn system this season will be directed towards allocation against high-reliability water share seasonal determinations," Dr Bailey said.

"The Bureau of Meteorology seasonal outlook favours above-average rainfall across the catchment areas for the three month period from October to December.

"A La Nia alert remains in effect, meaning the chance of a La Nia event forming is around 70 per cent during spring.

"La Nia events may support rainfall across southeast Australia."

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