Riddellvue debut bull sale a success

Riddellvue debut bull sale a success


The Riddellvue inaugural bull sale was a resounding success averaging $5809.


*22 of 29 bulls sold to $9000, av $5809

Riddellvue Angus's inaugural spring bull sale at Whanregarwen near Yea on Wednesday was haled a resounding success, with the sale averaging $5809.

Twenty two of the 29 bulls offered were sold, with the top-priced 18 month bull, Lot 17, Riddellvue Quintavius Q75 fetching $9000, and two bulls selling for $8000 twice.

"For a first sale, we were really happy, especially being so close to Melbourne with the COVID restrictions," stud principal Ian Bates said.

"I didn't know what to expect. Being a new kid on the block, it takes a bit to get people to come behind you but it was a good sale and I was happy with the average price. We've had a good season and were able to offer a good selection of bulls."

Mr Bates, who previously managed Anvil Angus for eight years, said he was pleased to see return clients follow his new venture.

COVID-19 restrictions and concerns about travel had led to many agents representing buyers.

"The northern sales have been so strong but people can't travel and that makes it difficult," he said.

"We had several agents representing buyers and one sale on AuctionsPlus so it was a good outcome."

Auctioneer Adam Mountjoy from Nutrien Livestock said it was a great result for a debut sale.

"To line up 29 bulls and get a good clearance rate and strong average price is a very satisfactory result for a young stud", Mr Mountjoy said.

He said the bulls were well presented and represented good value for buyers.

"There was a very even draft of bulls and they sold accordingly. They will have successfully built their client book after yesterday and will look for repeat business from them going forward.

"It will grow from here and we're looking forward to a positive sales campaign in autumn next year."

The top priced bull, Riddellvue Quintavius Q75, was bought for $9000 by Geoff and Audrey Kyval from Cooper Cattle, Whanregarwen. Sired by Anvil M035, he presented with positive traits in both birth weight and and 400-day weight and intramuscular fat of +1.3 per cent and eye muscle area of +4.1.

"Ian produces good bulls; he's been in the area long enough for people to trust him and everyone likes to support local people," Mr Kyval said.

"I was chasing a heifer bull and this one had a good combination of EBVs and structure and good shape and stature."

The Parsons family from Black on Green at Mansfield purchased three bulls, including the equal second-top priced Lot 6, Riddellvue Quain Q48 for $8000.

Nutrien Mansfield agent, Jamie Beckingsale, who purchased on their behalf, said they were looking for bulls with good growth, milk and IMF figures, especially cow bulls, and were impressed with what was offered.

"They are good supporters of the stud. They bought two bulls from Riddellvue last spring and both those bulls had grown out very well so they were happy to go back and buy more."

Agent Gordon Conners paid $8000 for Lot 2, Riddellvue Quaid Q30 for Jackson Pastoral, Cowwarr, and was happy with the purchase. A son of the renowned United States sire, HA Cowboy UP 5405, the bull was in the top 20pc of the breed for 200-day and 400-day growth, mature cow weight of +114 and a retail beef yield of +1.9.

"He was our first pick based on his figures and confirmation and what the client wanted. It was a good sale for an inaugural event," Mr Conners said.

Elders Yea branch manager Bruce Elliott bought two heifer bulls on behalf of Gippsland Beef, paying $6000 for Lot 5, Riddellvue Quinnell and $4000 for Lot 4, Riddellvue Quincy.

"They were ideal for the client's requirements," Mr Elliott said.

"They were seeking specialist heifer bulls and they ticked all the boxes for what they required and the presentation was good," he said.

Mr Bates said that buoyed by the success of this sale, he planned to hold two auctions in 2021, with the autumn sale planned for March 10, 2020.

The auction was conducted by Nutrien Livestock in conjunction with Elders and interfaced online through AuctionsPlus.


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