Euroa sale values follow upwards trend

Euroa sale values follow upwards trend


Local competition drove prices at the monthly Euroa sale with 750 yarded.


Grown steers sold to $1950 and weaner steers to $1700 in a yarding of 750 cattle at Euroa September store sale on Wednesday.

Agents reported the yarding presented plenty of weight in the grown cattle and some excellent runs of weaners.

Of the lighter weaner steers, prices peaked in excess of 600 cents a kilogram.

Grown heifers topped at $1630 and weaner heifers at $1400.

With feed flourishing over such a big area of Victoria and NSW and a buoyant beef market meant potential buyers had to be prepared to "give out good money" to secure supply, agents reported.

Elders auctioneer Joe Allen, Euroa, said prices for some pens of autumn-drop calves were in record territory.

He said steer weaners in general, in a range of 320kg to 380kg made 420c/kg to 480c/kg. The lighter calves made higher values.

There was a good representation of heavy steers. Those weighing 400kg to 500kg made 380c/kg to 400c/kg.

He said that apart from a couple of pens of heavy heifers that went back to the paddock, the prices ranged from 400c/kg to 420c/kg for those in a range of weights from 320kg to 370kg.

Buyers attended from mainly within the surrounding districts and commission buyers purchased for some northern orders.


Hilldene Past & Angus, 16-18mths, to $1940, or 380c/kg.

Rangel Park, 30 Angus, 18mths to $1870 to average $1783, or 385c/kg.

J & H Perry, 21 Angus, 14 mths, to $1660 to av $1642, or 440c/kg.

Wombat Creek, 15 Hereford, six-seven mths, to $1570, or 487c/kg.

N Mahnacke, eight Charolais, 13-15mths, to $1510, or 405c/kg.

Kellybrook, eight Angus, 11mths, to $1700, or 447c/kg.

Bindarra Meadows, 18 Angus, 10-12mths, to $1620, or 480c/kg.

Gove Pastoral, 10 Angus, $1330 or 601c/kg.

Eaglewood Park, 40 Angus, 10mths, to $1540 to av $1438, or 544c/kg.

Gunbar Development, 17 Angus, 11-12mths, at $1400, or 549c/kg.

East Union, 45 Angus, seven months, to $1470, av $1357, or 548c/kg.

Wombat Creek, 15 Hereford, six-seven mths, to $1570, or 487c/kg.


Incurious P/L, nine Hereford, 20mths, to $1610, or 366c/kg.

Pranjip Pastoral, 22 Black Baldy, to $1450, or 394c/kg.

Waranga Park, 10 Angus, to $1430, or 392c/kg.

J & H Perry, 11 Angus, 14mths, to $1490, or 420c/kg.

J & A Livestock, 19 Angus, 10mths, to $1290, or 416c/kg.

Eaglewood Park, 39 Angus, 10mths, to $1320 to av $1202, or 474c/kg.

East Union, 35 Angus, 7mths, to $1270 to av $1216, or 490c/kg.

Bindarra Meadows, 19 Angus, 10-12mths, at $1400, or 466c/kg.

Gunbar Development, 13 Angus, $1360, or 407c/kg.

Wombat Creek, nine Herefords, to $1220, or 370c/kg.

Cows & Calves

Nullawil, eight Angus with calves at foot, $2625.


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