Light cattle highlight of Warrnambool penning

Light cattle highlight of Warrnambool penning


Light cattle sold at strong rates as online and physical buyers competed for supply.


A strong field of buyers across live and online platforms ensured a good sale at Warrnambool on Friday.

There were 1610 cattle offered that sold generally at rates in-line with recent sales across the region, associated agents president Anthony Mahony said.

He said there was strong local support that competed with buyers from across the region as well as to the northeast and feedlotters while a number of buyers secured numbers via Stocklive to SA.

Young cattle were exceptionally strong as producers took advantage of the prices to sell, as a number were looking to shut up paddocks for silage.

The was a big run of cross bred steers sold exceptionally strong to processors.

He said the opening four pens weighed more than 580 kilograms that topped at 388 cents a kilogram.

Mr Mahony said the steers in the 400 to 500kg range sold in a band between 410c/kg to 440c/kg, while those in the 300kg to 400kg made 430c/kg up to $500c/kg.

Open auction steers sold to $1360 with most selling from 550 to 585c/kg.

Heifers also met solid demand selling in the range of 380c/kg to 424c/kg.

The cross bred steers and heifers were quoted at 360c/kg to 393c/kg.

Cows and calves sold from $2450 to $2600.

The opening pen was forwarded by Rene Logan, Gundamain, Laang, with 17 steers that weighed 586kg making 386c/kg or $2261.

KP Mugavin sold 10 Angus steers, 519kg, that made 405c/kg or $2101.

Two pens of steers sold account The Rocky with the lighter pen of 17 at 445kg making 426c/kg or $1895 and a second pen of eight, 581kg making 388c/kg or $2254.

A good quality draft of steers sold account Virginia Quirk, Rockview, 12-14 month old, sold i three pens to a top of 452c/kg for a pen of 19 at 319kg. Another pen of 15 at 308kg sold for 450c/kg.

James Taylor, Barakee, sold Angus and black baldy steers, 10 months, to $1220 or 595c/kg at open auction.

Geoff Youl, St Kitts, Yambuck, sold Angus steers that made 500c/kg or $1485 on weights of 297kg. He also sold 17 steers in the open auction section that made $1360 or 548c/kg on wights of 248kg.

A consignment sold account Emu included a pen of 21 steers, 318kg that made 470c/kg, or $1494, and a pen of 12, black baldies, 348kg for 440c/kg or $1531.

D Walsh sold a pen of 12 steers, 10-11 months, 311kg that made 446c/kg or $1387 and Brisbane Hill sold seven steers, 327kg that made 438c/kg or $1432.

Nineteen steers account Fernbank Park, weighed 372kg and made 430c/kg or $1599.

A pen of 15 Hereford steers, 6-7 months old, 250kg, sold account Marinella sold open auction for $1320 or 554c/kg.

Two pens alike of Hereford steers, 25 in total, sold account Woodlawn and made 440c/kg, while 18 Hereford steers account Langowen, 334kg, sold for 448c/kg. The heifer portion of the Langowen draft sold to 394c/kg for a pen of 18 at 292kg, or $1162.

Of the heifers sold account B & M Smith, 397kg, sold for 394c/kg or $1564 for a pen of seven.

Heavy heifers sold account Premier Downs, weighing 432kg, for seven sold for 394c/kg or $1706 while Josh Walter, Becketts Creek, sold nine heifers, 16-18 months, weighing 420kg for 392c/kg or $1646.

A & S Collins forwarded 20 Angus heifers, 10-11 months, weighing 298kg, sold for 424c/kg or $1263.

D Turner sold eight heifers, 276kg for 400c/kg or $1104.

A line of six Charolais heifers sold account D & J Nagorcka, 376kg, sold for 400c/kg or $1504. The same vendor had 12 steers, 452k, that sold for 410c/kg or $1853.

Musson Dairy sold a pen of 23 Friesian/Angus and Wagyu/Friesian-cross heifers, 364kg, sold for $1380 or 379c/kg account Musson Dairy. The same vendor sold 24 steers, same breeding, weighing 403kg, that made 393c/kg.

Top of the cows and calves was a pen of seven with calves at foot that sold for $2600 account D Wisenould.


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