Yea steers to 527c/kg, heifers to 500c/kg in strong market

Yea steers to 527c/kg, heifers to 500c/kg in strong market


Strong demand pushed prices at Yea to previously unseen levels.


A strong mix of feedlotters and grass finishers and backgrounders pushed prices at Yea above 500 cents a kilogram and to $2050 a head at Friday's sale.

The August store sale attracted nearly 1200 cattle which presented in excellent condition with very few light cattle forwarded.

Elders auctioneer Jamie Quinlan, Yea, said the weaners sold in the "mid 400's" and the heifers were "much the same".

The grown cattle, 360 to 450 kilograms were "very strong with all the feedlotters operating".

"At the end of the day cattle made more than they ever have here," he said.

Feedlotters across the state, south east SA and NSW were active while grass finishers from the the north east, Gippsland and a strong local presence provided the competition.

Nutrien Ag auctioneer Anthony Delaney said it was an excellent quality yarding from mainly local district breeders.

It was a reduced yarding due to COVID-19 restrictions.

There was a great Euro cross run of calves, he said.

The steer yarding sold from $910 to $2050 to average $1551 with most sales from $1300 to $1600.

In the heifer portion the run sold to a top of $1875 to average $1358.

Mr Delaney said that most heavy heifers sold from $1450 to $1500 mark.

The first run of heavy steers saw the category topped at $2050 on a per head basis, for a pen of 18 Angus steers, sold account Springbank, Narbethong. The steers were April/May 2019 drop, Anvil blood, and weighed 473kg. The liveweight price was 344 cents a kilogram.

The heifer portion of the Springbank draft included a pen of 14, 423kg, that made $1670 or 394c/kg and a second pen of 15 at 504kg that made $1750 or 347c/kg.

A pen of 14 Hereford/Simmental-cross steers, 18-20 months, 544kg, sold account FW & JM Boyer, also made $2050, or 379c/kg. A second pen of 14, weighing 475kg, sold for $1910 or 402c/kg.

Goodwood Manor, Seymour, forwarded 20 Angus and Angus-cross steers, Dunoon blood, 14-15 months, that weighed 464kg, that made $1930 or 415c/kg. The same vendor sold a pen of nine, 435kg, for $1730 or 397c/kg.

A pen of 19 Murray Grey steers account G & N Halpin, weighing 463kg, sold for $1990 or 429c/kg.

Tops of the steers on a liveweight basis was a pen of 12 steers sold account AG & S M Kemp, 8-9 months, Anvil blood, weighing 239kg and selling for $1260 or 527c/kg.

The same account topped the heifer sale with a pen of 19, 242kg, that made $1210 or 500c/kg.

J & D Sinopoli, Gobur, had steers and heifers at Yea with seven steers, 210kg making $1090 or 519c/kg. The heifer portion comprised a pen of five, 236kg, that made $1050 or 445c/kg.

Hayhill Pastoral, Yea, sold a pen of 30 Simmental steers that weighed 254kg and made $1270 or 500c/kg.

BJ & JA Ryan, Mia Mia, sod a pen of 27 steers, 9-10 months, Pert Angus and Leven Vale blood, 364kg, for $1590 or 436c/kg. The steers were topped by the heifers with a pen of 15, weighing 257kg, that made $1160 or 451c/kg. A second pen of 16 heifers, 321kg, made $1350 or 420c/kg.

A pen of just four steers sold account Waybury weighing 283kg, sold for $1310 or 462c/kg, while the heifer portion of our weighing 288 sold for $1280 or 444c/kg.

In the heifer lineup J & J Pastoral sold a pen of 12 Angus, 10-12 months, Anvil blood, 250kg, for $1240 or 496c/kg. A second pen of 15, 297kg, sold for $1300 or 437c/kg.

Catherine Jessop, Yea, sold a pen of seven steers, Ireland Angus blood, 9-10 moths, that weighed 308kg and sold for $1390 or 451c/kg.

A pen of six Angus steers, 325kg, sold account Cloverley Pastoral sold for $1440 or 443c/kg, while its 10 heifers, 310kg, made $1310 or 422c/kg.

WD Seaton's pen of 18 Murray Grey steers, that weighed 469kg and sold for $1900 or 405c/kg.

The Farley Family Trust sold a pen 22 steers, 425kg, that made $1750 or 411c/kg and 10 at 381kg for $1550 or 406c/kg. The heifer portion from the same vendor included a pen of 12 at 380kg for $1450 or 381c/kg and 12 at 406kg for $1550 or 378kg.

Peter and Helen Bonsema, Yea, consigned a mixed sex draft of black baldies. The steer portion included a pen of 13 at 344kg that sold for $1430 or 415c/kg. They also had 15 weighing 305kg that made $1340 or 439c/kg and seven, 269kg, that made $1180 or 438c/kg. The heifer portion included 21 at 267kg, that sold for $1255, or 470c/kg, and a second line of 19 that weighed 318kg and sold for $1350 or 424c/kg.

CK & ML Oliver sold a pen of steers weaners, Connamara blood, 417kg, for $1700 or 407c/kg. A pen of lighter steers, 359kg, sold for $1560 or 434c/kg. A pen of 11 heifers, 331kg, sold for $1300 or 392c/kg.

Campsie Glen Angus forwarded a pen of 21 heifers, 260kg, that sold for $1230 or 473c/kg.

Of the heavy heifers a pen of 10 account Ti Tree Pastoral, weighing 397kg, sold for $1550 or 390c/kg.

Cows and calves topped at $2700 for a pen of five cows with six calves at foot. The pen was sold account RF Mold.

Gascoyne Park sold a pen of eight cows and calves for $2525 and another line of five cows with calves at foot for $2520.

Six cows and calves sold account R Andrews sold for $2350.

A pen of nine Angus/Black baldy-cross heifers, rising two years, and pregnancy tested in calf to Shrublands bulls, sold for $1875.


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