Weaner steers to 590c/kg at Leongatha store sale

Weaner steers to 590c/kg at Leongatha store sale


Agents yarded about 1200 cattle.


Tight supplies of Victorian store cattle continue to push prices higher after light weaner calves sold to 590 cents a kilogram at Leongatha on Friday.

Agents yarded about 1200 cattle at the fortnightly Victorian Livestock Exchange market where good lines of black calves, cows and heifers sold to strong demand.

A feature of the sale included a draft of 130 Angus steers by T and C Hulls, Narra Tingha, Leongatha, which weighed between 205-270 kilograms and sold from $1170-$1440.

The Hull's dearest pen fetched 533 cents a kilogram, while the lightest pen of 29 steers at 205kg was one of the dearest pens on a cents per kilogram basis at 570c/kg.

Selling agent SEJ Livestock auctioneer James Kyle said the strong prices were a credit to the Hulls.

"The sale was underpinned by low supply and there's not a lot of numbers so it keeps everyone interested," Mr Kyle said.

Mr Kyle said most cattle sold would remain in south Gippsland with a handful of east Gippsland agents purchasing pens of joined heifers towards the end of the sale.

Buyers generally described the yarding as mixed, however, restocking competition was up on recent sales as feedlotters took a backseat and were less active.

Alex Scott & Staff auctioneer Dane Perczyk said drying conditions in south Gippsland added additional confidence to the market because "nearly everyone can handle cattle".

"It has dried out a bit but everyone can see that spring is only a warm week away so buyers are trying to jump in a bit earlier before the spring rush," Mr Perczyk said.

"What was interesting was some of the heifers out of the same consignment of cattle were making relatively the same per kilo as the steers ... they're popular among feedlots and you can use them for the same grass-fed program.

The dearest steer pen of the sale was one steer sold by D Suttie, Wattle Bank, 660kg, which made $2280 or 345c/kg.

I and D Bell sold 10 steers, 292kg, for $1390 or 476c/kg, and nine steers, 215kg, for $1270 or 590c/kg.

Among the dearest heifer pens, P and S Campbell, Mardan, sold seven heifers, 407kg, for $1620 or 398c/kg, while E Bourke, French Island, sold 22 heifers, 239kg, for $1090 or 456c/kg.

T and P Hancock, Wonthaggi, had a dispersal of 101 cows from their lease block including 12 first calving PTIC cows for $2280 and 12 third calvers for $2540. They also sold 10 fourth calvers for $2480.

Nutrien Leongatha auctioneer Brian McCormack described the sale as very strong.

"All the better bred steers and heifers were very strong in accordance with the strong prices earlier this week," Mr McCormack said.

"We had a few bigger pens over 500 kilos and they sold very well and made between 400-420c/kg."


P and D Hammond, Mitchell Valley Produce, Lindenow, sold the first three pens of steers including a pen of 15, 414kg, for $1730 or 417c/kg. Their second pen of 13, 408kg, made $1580 or 387c/kg and their third pen of 10, 364kg, made $1510 or 414c/kg.

A and S Turton, Korumburra, sold seven steers, 369kg, for $1550 or 420c/kg.

S Stewart, Mirboo, sold 11 steers, 327kg, for $1370 or 418c/kg.

G and J Jacobson, Woolamai, sold six steers, 264kg, for $1310 or 496c/kg.

R Boddy & Sons, Carawatha, Woodside, sold 17 steers, 10-12 months, 320kg, for $1600 or 500c/kg.

M Russell, Glen Forbes, sold 10 steers, 260kg, for $1430 or 550c/kg.

S and J Schmidt, Foster North, sold 11 steers, 327kg, for $1330 or 466c/kg.

Arjaym Herefords, Tarwin Lower, sold nine Black Baldy steers, 501kg, for $2070 or 413c/kg and a pen of 13 Herefords, 508kg, for $2080 or 409c/kg.


P and D Hammond, Mitchell Valley Produce, Lindenow, sold 12 Hereford heifers, 390kg, for $1560 or 400c/kg.

G and J Jacobson, Woolamai, sold 12 heifers, 250kg, for $1140 or 456c/kg.

Jasmel, Tarwin Lower, sold 24 heifers, 315kg, for $1340 or 425c/kg, and 12 heifers, 323kg, for $1350 or 417c/kg.

M Russell, Glen Forbes, sold 10 heifers, 222kg, for $1100 or 495c/kg.

AB and M Hall, Boolarra, sold four heifers, 387kg, for $1440 or 372c/kg.

D and C Bye, Boolarra, sold seven heifers, 274kg, for $1150 or 419c/kg.

Cows and calves

Utopia Beef, Kernot, sold six cows with British White calves at foot for $2460.

D Gheller, Dalyston, sold five preg-tested in-calf cows to calve from December for $1840.

Tallanbar Pastoral, Yanakie, sold 15 cows as part of a herd dispersal, preg-tested in-calf to calve from September onwards for $1780.


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