Locals dominate at Colac

Grass finishers take control at Colac store sale

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Small Colac yarding sees grass finishers active.

RESTOCKERS BUSY: KA & DJ Harper sold this pen12 Lawson-blood Angus steers, 287kg, for $1200, or 418c/kg.

RESTOCKERS BUSY: KA & DJ Harper sold this pen12 Lawson-blood Angus steers, 287kg, for $1200, or 418c/kg.

South-west Victorian grass finishers were out in force at Colac's monthly store sale, snapping up much of the small yarding.

Agents yarded 550 head of cattle, again selling from the dairy ring and restricting the market to 30 buyers, due to coronavirus restrictions.

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Well bred, smaller cattle, continue to dominate at Colac

Phil Douglas, Nutrien, said the lighter the cattle, the dearer they were.

"It was all grass finishers; I reckon our locals were very strong, the outsiders really battled to buy cattle," Mr Douglas said.

"Clarke Roycroft (Elders) was there - it wasn't a big yarding, but he got his share."

Mr Douglas said Nutrien had a Gippsland order for small steers, which he couldn't fill.

"It was a winter yarding, and we got out of it pretty well, for this time of year."

Charles Stewart Dove, director and auctioneer, Shelby Howard said he felt heavier cattle were back to around 375-390 cents/kilogram.

Lighter cattle fetched in the high 400c/kg.

"Light, weaner cattle, sold in high demand, to backgrounders to feed on," Mr Howard said.

"We only had 30 buyers, we are capped out on the number, and we can't take any more.

"But there was good competition, it wasn't detrimental to the sale and I think the price is going to lift."

Matthew Nelson, Charles Stewart, said the majority of the grown steers went back into the paddock.

Lighter, weaner cattle were making from 400-528c/kg, with the better end of the grown steers selling for 380-402c/kg.

The better weaner heifers made up to 360c/kg, while lighter, good black females made 400-420c/kg.

Nr Nelson said the main out of town order was for Ray White, Albury, although there was some interest from Camperdown agents.

"The sale was still very competitive," he said

"We are getting through the winter, the hard work is done and we are coming into spring," he said.

"Those cattle aren't going to go for processing in a short period, a lot of people are buying now and will take them through to spring."

P&J Lenehan sold 14 steers, 311kg, for $1370, or 440c/kg.

G&S Pearson sold seven weaner steers, for $1440.

P&J Harty sold five Murray Grey steers, 515kg, for $1770, or 340c/kg.

A second pen of five, 418kg, sold for $1420, or 339c/kg.

KA & DJ Harper sold 12 Lawson-blood Angus steers, 287kg, for $1200, or 418c/kg.

Their second pen of 14, 272kg, sold for $1140, or 419c/kg.

Cessnock Pastoral, sold nine Limousin/Red Angus cross steers, 460kg, for $1805, or 392c/kg.

Cessnock sold a second pen of three steers, 402kg, for $1750, or 435c/kg.

Baringa Park sold eight Angus steers, 227c/kg, by Baringa Park sires, for $1200, or 528c/kg.

The Harty family sold nine Angus heifers, 411kg, for $1380, or 335c/kg.

Larrigan sold nine heifers, 356kg, for $1320, or 370c/kg.

Pardoo sold five Te Mania-blood heifers, 16-18 months, 295kg, for $1290, or 437c/kg.

Selection sold eight High Spa blood Angus-Murray Grey heifers, 22-24 months old, 329kg, for $1320, or 401c/kg.

Farm Gate 3 sold five x five Angus/Friesian cross second calvers, with March-April Limousin CAF, redepastured to a Pelican Rise Limousin bull for $2400.

J&J Errey sold five x five Angus heifers, with three-12 week old CAF, for $2175.

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