Tracker a cracker for traceability and biosecurity

Tracker a cracker for traceability and biosecurity


A new app uses technology to track livestock movements that utilises what all farmer have - a smart phone.


A focus on digital lifetime traceability, animal welfare, and biosecurity enhancements is the backbone of AXIchain's launch of its mNVD app for use in the livestock transport industry.

The licenced app ensures digital continuity of data for Australia's livestock traceability system completed with unique synchronisation with transporters.

'We developed the user-friendly mNVD app to fix pain points in the livestock transport industry and to provide a market access advantage for the Australian red meat supply chain,' Linda Woodford CEO AXIchain said.

Transporters received, via the AXIchain system, an SMS or email notification of a job and could accept on the spot. Transport companies or drivers then used their smart device to fill in the transporters section of the mNVD to commence the journey. The mNVD alerted stakeholders of the journey, taking the organisation responsibility away from the transporter. Transporters had the option to create delivery notes when arriving at the destination and were not required to register with AXIchain.

"The paperless documentation transfer within the supply chain means everyone is safe during COVID while remaining fully compliant with food safety obligations," Ms Woodford said.

"Buyers, feedlots, agents, saleyards or abattoirs are notified of the consignmen and can organise their operations to suit; everyone is informed in real-time closing the gap in communication within the supply chain. The mNVD is a significant piece of software that enforces traceability and provenance," Ms Woodford said.

Southern Otways beef producer, Ros Denney, Glenaire, said that in the current COVID pandemic the mNVD app provided her with contactless, paperless delivery of cattle to processors and others.

"It's a great idea to have everything on the one thing we do carry around with us - the smart phone," she said.

Ms Denney said the functionality of the app allowed easy entry of the details of breed and sex of animals for transport.

With a focus on animal welfare and biosecurity, the mNVD applied to cattle, sheep, and goats. Time off feed and water was declared by the consignor, ensuring biosecurity measured to manage the effluent load on the journey.

The mNVD had digital time stamping and location tracking for the length of the journey, maintaining unbroken digital lifetime traceability of the livestock. The technology could monitor transit time, guaranteeing the industry met welfare standards.

Exclusive QR code technology was used for off-line scenarios and was a legal livestock waybill in all state and territory jurisdictions.

The mNVD app was available in Google Play and would be available for Apple users shortly. It was also available in a web browser.

Value-adding to the mNVD, AXIchain was providing digitised farm management tools and a domestic and international sales platform aimed at enhancing supply chain systems and traceability. AXIchain was providing the end-to-end visibility of food products needed in the commodity trading environment.


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