Meat industry leader launches new weekly podcast series

Meat industry leader launches new weekly podcast series


Meat industry leader JBS Australia has launched a new weekly podcast series, "the Grass Matters podcast", out of its Southern Division.


Story sponsored by JBS Australia.

Meat industry leader JBS Australia, has launched its first podcast series out of its Southern Division.

Presented by the Division's Great Southern Program, the Grass Matters podcast is a new way to engage with the Producers of the Farm Assurance Program and positions Great Southern as a thought leader in the premium grass-fed industry.

Hosted by seasoned media professional James Freemantle and news reporter Andrea Crothers, the podcast features insights into the Great Southern Farm Assurance value chain with the latest from the paddock to the market.

The podcast also features a range of special guests including customers, Farm Assured Producers, industry experts in animal health and research, along with other industry representatives.

Chief Operating Officer of JBS' Southern Division Sam McConnell, described the podcast as an important tool to connect with Farm Assurance Producers and those who have an interest in the grass-fed industry.

"During COVID-19, we have seen unprecedented changes in the world, requiring businesses to think outside the box when communicating and engaging with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders," Mr McConnell said.

"We have been engaging with producers using tools such as Zoom, but we were searching for a new way to share important information with our producers," he continued.

"The Grass Matters Podcast provides a unique opportunity for listeners to engage with a variety of Producers and industry leaders who will share their expertise across a range of topics.

"We are excited to launch a podcast that is created with our Producers in mind, focusing on their interests and what they would like to hear the most during the COVID-19 period and beyond."

The first episodes introduced hosts James and Andrea, domestic and international customer insights from Andrews Meat Industries CEO Peter Andrews, understanding of feeding and nutrition, and discussion around new animal health research.

Both hosts say they're having a great time with the project. It's a topic they're both passionate about and they can't wait to share their experiences with others.

"There's something about agriculture that keeps drawing me back!" James said.

"Down-to-earth, hard-working, clever people who rise to the challenge of feeding the world. It's always a pleasure to talk with farmers and innovators right through the supply chain, and to eat the Great Southern end product, of course!"

This was a particular point that resonated strongly with his co-host.

"Like most Aussies, I've got a love affair with eating red meat," she joked.

"I'm excited to be sharing stories and taking industry deep dives with Grass Matters. "

One of the show's most recent guests - beef producer Lachlan McKenzie - says he had a great time on the show.

Lachlan has been in the industry for more than 20 years and has experience with everything from ration formulation to feeding systems to animal health.

Together with his wife Maryanne, he owns two farms in Western Victoria, both of which are set up for intensive livestock production.

His business - McKenzie Ag Services - has had a long involvement with the Great Southern Program. He thinks the podcast will be of great use to others across the industry.

"The life of a beef producer is a busy one. It is difficult to find time to seek new information, hear about the experiences of others or to find ways of improving on-farm productivity," he explained.

"The Great Southern podcast Grass Matters is an ideal way for producers to hear directly from those that not only are working in the same industry, but also share a common goal of producing high quality pasture fed Beef," he continued.

"The availability of key information that can be accessed via a podcast, as opposed to having to leave the property for field days, seminars, etc, and provides a great opportunity for Great Southern Producers."

Released weekly on a Thursday, the Grass Matters podcast is available to download on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Visit the Great Southern website to learn more about the Grass Matters podcast -

Story sponsored by JBS Australia.

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