More than 1000 workers to be tested as precaution

Midfield Meats, Warrnambool, workforce to be tested for coronavirus


Entire Midfield Meats workforce will be tested after visit by inspector, to tested positive to COVID-19.


UPDATE, 9am:

Midfield Meat's Dean McKenna said more than 1000 workers would be tested for coronavirus on Monday.

"Last Tuesday an inspector worked at our site who showed no symptoms but has subsequently tested positive to COVID-19," he said.

"Midfield officials have had discussions with the Health Department over the weekend and they said we could open for business on Monday.

"But, as a company we chose to cease production for two days while we do a full round of testing of all employees.

"There will be over 1000 employees tested today.

"We have taken the precaution to close for the safety of our workers and the community of Warrnambool.

"Let me be very clear - there have been no positive cases at Midfields.

"Our decision has caused great unrest, but we feel it was the only decision to make for the safety of our workers and the community."

Mr McKenna said The Warrnambool Meat Barn would remain open for business as there had been no positive tests recorded at Midfields.

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Another three coronavirus cases linked to Australian Lamb Colac cluster

Earlier: Warrnambool's Midfield Meats has been closed this morning as a coronavirus health precaution.

It's understood that the Colac meat inspector who tested positive to the virus late last week had previously visited the Warrnambool abattoir site.

The Warrnambool meatworks is expected to be closed for a couple of days and the whole workforce will be tested for COVID-19.

A close contact of the inspector is understood to have tested positive and attended Trinity College in Colac last week.

Close contacts of that student included Hampden league juniors footballers, leading to some junior games being cancelled by league officials on Saturday.

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