Conditions favour smaller Colac yarding

Well bred, smaller cattle, continue to dominate at Colac

RING SALES: Colac agents continue to sell through the dairy ring, offering a small yarding, of some well-bred cattle at the July monthly store sale.

RING SALES: Colac agents continue to sell through the dairy ring, offering a small yarding, of some well-bred cattle at the July monthly store sale.


Good bloodlines attract a premium, at Colac.


Well-bred cattle, at what agents said was a typical Colac winter store sale, found a ready market amongst local restockers.

Agents yarded 320 head of steers, heifers, cows and calves and springers.

Jamie McConachie, Charles Stewart, there were some good bloodlines in the line-up, including Team Te Mania, Murdeduke and Mt William Charolais.

"The yarding was quite good, in terms of quality, I thought that anything suitable to feed sold to very reasonable competition, anything heavier than that also sold to reasonable competition, to local bullock producers," Mr McConachie said.

"I did think spring-drop calves, light calves, that have been exceeding expectations everywhere, were probably under the odds."

He said they presented good opportunity for locals.

"People are chasing quality, considering how dear it is, if you are going to have something dear in your paddock, you may as well have the good ones."

He said the sale provided good chances for those who had grass.

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Well bred, young cattle dominate the Colac store market

HF Richardson livestock buyer Alistair Nelson purchased most of the cattle.

"If you hit the weight and hit the quality, he would look after you," he said.

Shelby Howard, Charles Stewart Dove, agreed the select lines of well-bred calves hit more than 400cents/kilogram.

"There is a big shortage of heavy cattle, at the moment, and we are starting to see the results of that, coming into winter," Mr Howard said.

"It was more local competitors buying cattle, to turn out on feed, purely on grass."

He said he felt there would be a slide the prime market, but he was unsure if it would affect store sales.

"We won't see store sales hit by the coronavirus rules and restrictions (affecting export sales), we have had good rain, we are set up pretty well at the moment, due to the demand in the next four to six weeks."

P Arundell topped the sale at $1800, for a pen of six Angus steers, 12-14months, Banquet blood, 463kg, or 388c/kg.

D & M Middleton sold eight Angus steers 20-24 months, 337kg, Murdeduke-blood for $1300, or 385c/kg.

D & M Middleton also sold eight Charolais/Angus-cross steers 18 months, Mt William blood, 284kg, for $1220, or 429c/kg.

SM & I Wilsher sold nine Angus steers. 12-14 months, Murdeduke-blood, 347kg, for $1480 or 426c/kg.

M & B Lauricella sold a pen of 10 Angus steers, Murdeduke-blood, 289kg, for $1220, or 422c/kg.

Johanna River Trading's first pen of 11 Wilgunyah-blood steers, 364kg, 8-10months old, sold for $1450, or 398c/kg.

The second pen of 11 went for $1350, or 427c/kg.

DW & JC Reid sold 10 Angus heifers 9-10 months, Tillabudgery-blood for $1000.

A second pen of five went for $820.

M &B Lauricella sold 10 Angus heifers, Mureduke-blood, 265kg, for $1000, or 377c/kg.

In the grown heifers, Holland & Son sold nine Angus/Friesian cross females, 415kg, for $1390, or 334c/kg.

O Hallyburton sold five Angus/Hereford-cross heifers, 18 months, 376kg, for $1400, or 372c/kg.

A second pen of seven, 343kg, sold for $1200, or 349c/kg.

R Cooper sold seven eight month old Team Te Mania-blood heifers for $710.

Among the cows JB & CR Gannon sold a pen of seven mixed aged cows, PTIC to Murdeduke Angus bulls, for $1540.

Timber Time sold seven x seven Simm-cross/Limousin cows, with CAF, re-depastured to an Angus bull, for $2125.

DJ & VJ Steele sold a pen of 10 joined heifers for $2350.

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