Small yarding at Euroa sees solid bidding

Smaller cattle sell well, at Euroa | PHOTOS


Good conditions see Euroa buyers seeking steers and heifers.


A smaller yarding at Euroa saw prices edge up to the high 400cents/kilogram, with lighter, unweighed cattle, fetching the most.

Russell Mawson, Nutrien Ag, Euroa said it was a mixed yarding, which contained some quality lines.

He said bigger, older steers sold for up to $1500, with the lighter end pushing up to 490cents/kilogram.

"If you look at the last two pens that were sold, they wouldn't be much more than 110-120kg, and they were selling for $750-800," Mr Mawson said.

"They could be 650-700c/kg."

He said there was strong support from commission buyer, Duncan Brown, agents from the north-east and local buyers.

"Everyone's feed is coming away and they are wanting to put something on."

Agents yarded 750 head of cattle.

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Euroa prices lift as season boosts weights and demand

Joe Allen, Elders Euroa, said he wasn't concerned at cattle numbers drying up.

"It's typical of the season," Mr Allen said.

"We had our big Blue Ribbon sale, last month, and locally there is a lot of grass.

"There's been a pretty good break here, and it's continuing to stay moist, so it's not concerning at all.

"I think the cattle, compared to the last two seasons, are still out there."

He said there were some better pens of 250-300 kilogram Angus and Hereford steer and heifer weaners that achieved prices of $4/kilogram and higher.

"Some of the heifers were going back out to the paddock, which was good to see," he said.

"People were reading the play and seeing that breeders are going to be in demand, at some stage."

He said heavier feeder cattle made 420-430c/kg for the steers and 400c/kg for the heifers.

There had been strong support from the Goulburn Valley, the hills, around Euroa and the Conroy Brothers.

Corcoran Parker, Wangaratta, agent, Henry Dundas was also very active on the first lanes.

Forlonge Farms, Gooram , sold 17 Angus steers, Connemara-blood, 300kg, for $1430, or 476c/kg.

Glenmaye, Sheans Creek, sold a pen of 11 Newblax-blood steers, 269kg, for $1300, or 483c/kg.

Acacia Valley, Gooram, sold seven Red Hill-blood Poll Hereford steers, 276kg, for $1180, or 427c/kg.

Its pen of 13 heifers sold for $960.

J&S Montgomery sold seven Burnview Angus-blood steers, 274kg, for $1310, or 478c/kg.

Narrawa, Longwood, sold 12 Merridale-blood steers, 256kg, for $1230, or 480c/kg.

Balmere sold 15 Kingsford Angus-blood steers for $1170.

Wood Park sold a pen of 21 Angus steers, 359kg, for $1490, or 415c/kg.

It's second pen of 10 sold for $1440, or 402c/kg.

Hurnell Pastoral sold nine Angus steers, 363kg, for $1470, or 404c/kg.

JW and JM Pummeroy sold seven Angus steers, 370kg, for $1470, or 397c/kg.

Stecher Contracting sold a pen of 12 steers, High Spa-blood, 260kg, for $1200, or 461c/kg.

Gunbar Developments sold 15 steers, 255kg, for $1230, or 482c/kg.

Blythe Airie sold four Kenmore-blood Charolais steers, 311kg, for $1260, or 405c/kg.

Blythe Airie's pen of six heifers, 475kg, sold for $1620, or 341c/kg. A third pen of six, 280kg, sold for $1030, or 367c/kg.

K&L Dean sold four Tarcombe-blood Hereford steers, 427kg for $1590, or 372c/kg.

Homedonnell sold 22 Hereford steers, Red Hill-blood, 292kg, for $1250, or 428c/kg.

Stretlaw Park sold 10 Connamara-blood heifers, 382kg, for $1530, or 400c/kg.

RM Penny sold 16 heifers, 294kg, for $1190, or 404c/kg.

J& M Tweddle sold their first pen of seven heifers for $710, the second 17 for $650 and a third pen of 26 for $580.

Carwelly Park sold its top pen of 15 Angus heifers, unweighed, for $830.

Ruff Rock Angus sold a pen of five Angus heifers, unweighed, for $940.

R&I Marsolino, Cairnhill Beef, sold its first pen of 18 Merewah-blood Hereford heifers, depastured to a Reiland Angus bull, PTIC, for $2275.

Cairnhill sold a second pen of seven Black Baldy heifers for $1925, while its third pen of 11 Angus heifers went for $1700.

I&C Day sold seven x seven Hereford cows and calves for $2325, with a second pen of 12x12 going for $2150.

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