Buyers swoop on quality Yea yarding pushing steers to $2000

Buyers swoop on quality Yea yarding pushing steers to $2000


A widely spread buying group competed strongly for 1700 cattle at Yea with all classes of cattle selling strongly.


A yarding of nearly 1700 cattle sold under strong competition at Yea's June store sale Friday.

While feedlotters dominated, buying orders were held for an area from northern NSW to the Riverina as well as South Australia.

Local buyers also took a good share of the offering.

Nutrien Livestock's Tyson Bush, Yea, said it was a "terrific sale".

He said the heifer job in particular was strong with at least one vendor getting more on a dollar-per-head basis for their heifers than their steers.

He said the majority of heifers sold between 390 cents a kilogram and 440c/kg.

The market was 90 per cent driven by feedlots, with some backgrounder and grass driven activity, he said.

He said the heifers that went back to the paddock locally would either by fattened or retained as breeders.

A selection of cows and calves sold to $2800 for second calvers, not rejoined. Mr Bush said the pen had attracted inquiry before and the cattle sold well.

The virus restrictions were frustrating, with the prices bringing cattle out, but yardings limited.

Mr Bush said the agents, with the support and active help of the Murrindindi Shire, had done a great job.

Without the restrictions the yards would be full, he said.

Elders auctioneer, Jamie Quinlan, Yea, said the quality of the yarding was "very good" after an excellent season locally.

The late August-September drop calves presented "very well" while the older January-March drop feeder type steers were "in tremendous condition", he said.

He said feedlotters were "very strong" with black feeder steers with milk and two teeth sold from 395c/kg to 440c/kg. while the coloured cattle sold at 385c/kg to 410c/kg.

The lighter feeder steers around 300 to 400kg were well sought after selling from 430 to 470c/kg plus.

Elders auctioneer Jamie Quinlan on Friday's Yea sale.

It was a magnificent yarding of heifers with nothing much under 400c/kg with coloured heifers making 360 to 380c/kg and the blacks making 400 to 430c/kg.

On a dollars per head basis the top of the sale was $2000 for 12 steers, 485kg, sold account S Hoton,.

A pen of 12 steers, account D Richards, 471kg, sold for $1930 while 10 steer, 459kg, account D Prewett made $1900.

A pen of 13 Hereford steers sold account Home Creek, 422kg, sold for $1650.

A regular draft of Angus steers from Killara Pastoral, Boort,10-12 months, Merridale and Alpine Angus blood came forward. The tops of the steers comprised a pen of 20, weighing 396kg, that made $1720 or 435c/kg. A second line of 18, 345kg, made $1540 or 446c/kg and nine, 313kg made $1420 or 449c/kg.

Agent Keven Linehan said the vendors "were very happy" with the steers averaging $1583 and a pen of 18 heifers, 314kg, sold for $1370 or 436c/kg.

Another regular seller was Gerry and Julie Sheahan, Carrington Park, Moyhu, who forwarded mixed sex weaners, August-September 2019 drop, Rennylea blood.

The tops were a pen of 20 weighing 349kg that made $1540 or 441c/kg. A second draft of 34 at 4310kg sold for $1410 or 454c/kg and a third pen of 14, 282kg, made $1280 or 453c/kg.

The heifer portion of the Carrington Park draft was a pen of 25 weighing 325kg that made $1470, or 452c/kg, while a slightly lighter pen of 25 at 302kg sold for $1440 or 476c/kg. A further pen of 22 at 263kg, sold for $1160 or 441c/kg.

As the weights fell the price per kilogram rose. A consignment from Altipiani Livestock, included 16 steers, Anvil blood, October-November drop, that sold for 521c/kg on a price of $1230 and weights of 236kg. The heifer portion included 15, at 228kg, that made $1050, or 460c/kg.

L Danieli, Macklesfield sold eight steers, 270kg, Connamara blood, for $1380 or 518c/kg.

Tacona, Ancona, sold 13 steers, 8-9 months, 249kg, for $1270 or 510c/kg,while a pen of seven Scanlon Angus steers, 232kg, sold for $1160 or 500c/kg.

Fourteen steers account C & C Rattray, 269kg, sold for $1280 or 475c/kg.

Fort William sold a pen of 12 steers, 234kg, that made $1100, or 470c/kg.

A pen of 20 steers, 281kg, sold account Cemfield View, sold for $1320 or 469c/kg.

A pen of six steers by Charolais bulls out of Hereford/Shorthorn-cross cows, 368kg, account Haydon & Campbell, sold for $1600 or 434c/kg. The heifers, 353kg, sold for $1475, or 417c/kg.

F & R Tobin, Echuca, also sold Charolais-cross mixed sex weaners, with the tops of the steers, a pen of seen, 328kg, selling fr $1410, or 429c/kg. Nine heifers, 305kg, made $1240 or 406c/kg while eight heifers, 374kg, made $1475, or 394c/kg.

A draft of Shorthorn-cross steers sold account Falconvale, 313kg, made $1310 or 418c/kg, for a pen of 11, while a second pen of 16, at 218kg, sold for $1000 or 458c/kg.

Graham's Factree sold 20 heifers, 254kg, for $1125 or 442c/kg.

DGA Douglas, Woodstock Mannor, sold nine Angus cows, second calvers, with nine calves, 1-4months, by Barwidgee bulls, for $2800.

A pen of five cows and calves account D Welton, Anvil blood, third calvers with Connamara-blood calves 4-6 weeks at foot sold for $2500.

Angus-cross heifers, 441kg, sold account Kalitara, sold for $1800 or 408c/kg, while Box Grove sold a pen of nine Charolais-cross heifers, 434kg, that made $1660, or 382c/kg.


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