Euroa prices lift as season boosts weights and demand

Euroa prices lift as season boosts weights and demand

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Euroa spring-drop weaners averaged $1325 for steers and $1125 for heifers.


Quality lines of cattle in suitable numbers attracted a strong buying gallery at Wednesday's annual Euroa Blue Ribbon spring-drop weaner sale.

The quality of the cattle across the yarding and the excellent seasonal conditions across a wide area drove buyer interest and consequently prices.

The yarding totaled 2147 steers and heifers with 1414 steers selling to a top of $1775 and averaged $1327. There were 733 heifers that sold to $1670 and averaged $1125.

Nitrien Ag Russell Mawson, gives a wrap of the Euroa spring-drop weaner sale

Nutrien Livestock's Russell Mawson, Euroa, said the quality was a reflection of an early break to the season and then the area receiving a lot of rain since the start of March.

"Give them feed and the breeding is carrying them through," he said.

He said there was a large number of buyers with $1300 to $1400 in their "pocket" irrespective of the weight.

There were a lot of cattle that sold from 450 to 500c/kg, he said.

Heifers made from 430 to 450c/kg.

Buyers were logged from a wide area across NSW including Inverell, Griffith, Albury, Coonabarabran, Hay - as well as strong interest from local buyers operating through agents and commission buyers.

For the first time the sale was processed by the cloud-based Agrinous platform and Scanclear.

There was a small selection of older steers offered with the tops selling to $1775, or 415 cents a kilogram for a pen of nine, 20-21 months, sold account Powell, Sugarloaf Creek, that weighed 427 kilograms.

A pen of seven steers offered account Springfields, Ruffy, weighed 402kg and sold for $1702 or 425c/kg.

Yandra, Gooram, sold their regular draft of mixed sex Angus, 9-10 months, with the top pen of 25 weighing 353kg making $1620 or 458c/kg. A second pen of 16, 322kg, made $1470 or 456c/kg.

The draft from East Five Mile, Wildwood, 9-10 months, weighing 376kg, sold for $1720 or 457c/kg.

A pen of 21 from Burnview, Moglonemby, 7-8 months, weighed 352kg and sold for $1620 or 460c/kg, 20 at $1450, 322kg, at 450c/kg. Seventeen heifers, 340kg, $1340, or 394c/kg.

P Comeford had 25 steers, 359kg,that sold for $1620 or 445c/kg.

Looking Glass, Highlands, forwarded a consignment of 136 mixed sex Angus, 9-10 months, that averaged $1336. The steer potion sold mainly in two pens with 33 weighing 333kg selling for $1510 or 453c/kg but the lighter brothers at 292kg sold for $1390 or 476c/kg. The heifers sold to a top of $1290 or 457c/kg for a pen of 37 weighing 282kg.

Regular sellers AO McKinnon, The Range, Bulmattum, sold steers 8-10 months, with a pen of 18 weighing 373kg selling for $1630 or 436c/kg. A second draft from the vendor comprised 22 weighing 322kg that sold for $1440 or 447c/kg. The heifer portion saw a pen of 25, 340kg, sell for $1330 or 405c/kg.

Jippo Angus sold a pen of 24 steers, 288kg that made $1340 or 465c/kg.

Bindarra Meadows, Sunbury, received 504c/kg, or $1240, for a pen of 22 steers, 8-9 months, that weighed 246kg.

A pen of 275kg steers sold account A & J Gall, Bulmattum, sold for 490c/kg or $1350. The heifer portion comprised 17 that weighed 250kg and sold for $1160 or 464c/kg.

A pen from Tarawen, Gooram, of steers, 9-10 months, 293kg, sold for $1310 or 479c/kg.

Sold account Bingara, Ruffy, were two pens of steers with 33 weighing 287kg selling for $1370 or 477c/kgand a second pen that made $1300 unweighed.

Salo Farm, Terip Terip, sold 22 at 282kg for $1330 or 471c/kg.

A pen of 11 fourteen to fifteen-month old heifers account Esse Rural, Diggers Rest, that weighed 426kg, and sold for $1670 or 392c/kg.

B Tyquin, Bullengarook, sold 16 Angus heifers, 8-9 months, 295kg, that made $1270 or 430c/kg.

Sixteen heifers sold account Oxton weighing 304kg, sold for $1260 or 414c/kg.

Agents were Elders, Nutrien Livestock and Rodwells.


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